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  1. I bought an 18" WSM, order a replacement top thermometer, and dual probe thermometer. I'm planning on cooking a top sirloin oven roast, can't recall the weight, but at about 225F, rough how long per pound? I'm just wondering if I need to start this Friday night, or really early Saturday morning.

    I haven't even figured out a rub yet, that's next on my list of things to look up.

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    A top sirloin roast is best served rare to medium rare.  It is a relatively short smoke, around 2-3 hours at 225F. 

    With beef, I like to keep is simple and not over rub.  SPOG works great on beef in a 2-2-1-1 proportion (2 parts salt, 2 parts pepper, 1 part onion powder, 1 part garlic powder, not garlic salt).  Montreal Steak Seasoning also works. 

    You can dry brine it the night before the smoke.  Apply the rub, wrap in plastic wrap, and put in the fridge.  I've dry brined beef up to 4-5 days before.  It helps if you vacuum seal the beef for dry brines over 48 hours. 

    Post pics!

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  3. Thanks. I’m going to start prepping the cut Wednesday

    I’ll take plenty of pics.

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