First Smoke On My Akorn

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Chief 7

Original poster
Feb 28, 2024
Last weekend I smoke for the first time in my new Char Griller Akorn with great results. The beef back ribs came out great - they weren't Dinos but had plenty of beef on them for my wife and I. Since it was the first cook (I fired it up a couple of weeks ago to season the grill with peanut oil) I am learning how to settle the temp in this. I learned that I need to start shutting down the top and bottom vents a little earlier. I started shutting down just below my desired temp (225º) and that was too late. My temps got up near 300º (which isn't all that bad, but not what I wanted) so I will start a little sooner this weekend. You have all told me, for the WSM or any smoker, learning is part of the fun. I'm planning on a church roast (the poor man's brisket) that turned out so well on the WSM. I'll add a couple of pics of the beef back ribs here, so you can see how they came out.


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Great first cook! And learning a new cooker is half the fun. And you can eat your results.....Most of the time!

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Good job Chief, good looking ribs. I had an Akorn a few years ago, back when you could get one fairly cheap. It was an excellent cooker.
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