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My first sausage of 2016

mike w

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Heya, so I've finally been able to make a batch of sausage this year and decided to make something off the top of my head. I had read a chorizo recipe and figured id kind of do an asian flair to it. Anyways here is the recipe and qview. My wife said the sausage was subtle in flavoring. Kiddo loves it so its all good for me.

5lbs pork butt
2tb kosher salt
1 tsp sugar
4 garlic cloves liquefied
1" slice of fresh ginger liquefied
1 level tsp cure #1
1/2 tsp white pepper
1/2 tsp chinese 5 spice
1/2 tsp toasted red chili flakes - ground
1 tsp toasted mustard seed - ground
1/2 tsp toasted coriander seed - ground
1/4c shao xing wine
3/4c ice water
1/2c non fat dairy milk (liquid retention/binding agent)

Chopped pork butt with ice for grinding. 5lbs

Ground through the 1/4" plate once and mixed thoroughly. Then placed in the fridge overnight for the cure to do its work and flavors to meld.

Test fried a piece and it was good to go, nothing overpowering which I was concerned about the ginger and garlic. I would have added more heat but my wife doesn't like spicy. I formed 3 chubs for patty sausage.

Loaded the rest in the stuffer for @Bearcarver inspired casingless snack sticks.

Snack sticks formed. My mistake in not spraying the sheets with Pam and then moving the sticks to a cookie sheet. Once I let them sit in front of a fan to form a pellicle I couldn't get them off in the same shape because they were very sticky. I ended up smoking them on those trays.

Hickory smoke! (Smoker temp 180) Once they hit IT 120 I could transfer them to racks to get the underside.
Cooked the sticks to IT 155 and then put them in a ice bath to stop cooking. Chubs were 120 IT when pulled and will be frozen and treated like uncooked fresh sausage for cooking purposes.

Blooming after their bath.

bagged and tagged!

Thanks for viewing!


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That should hold ya for awhile



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Wow, them look great,, Nice job 

A full smoker is a happy smoker 


mike w

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Thanks guys, I'm thawing 10lbs of pork butt out to make some breakfast sausage next. I'm really looking forward to making some spanish chorizo eventually :)


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Look pretty good to me also. 

Tip - uncased meat does like to stick to pans.  Pop the pan into the freezer for a little while to soft freeze it.  It will pop right off the pan (usually when you just flex the pan).  Then you can transfer them to the rack for smoking before they thaw and get sticky soft again.  Does not have to be hard frozen, just enough to get the outer layer somewhat firm.  It will also not affect the final flavor and will only add a very small amount of time to the overall smoke.


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Looks great! If you want to end the sticking problem for good get some Q-may material from Todd at AmazeN Smokers. Comes in two widths, you order by the foot. Cuts to size with scissors. You'll never have a stick piece of meat again nor will you have anything fall through the grates. When you're done throw them
In the dishwasher to clean.


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Your sausage looks delicious!



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Looks, nice. Points!


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