My First Brisket....times three.

Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by techmedic, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Well I made my a leap to smoking a brisket and then added two more. Just put 5.25, 6.5, and a 7 lbs flats on the smoker at 0830 after letting the rub soak in all night. Figured we would do flat only due to the time constraint, but what I didn't realize how the 7 lbs would take up on the entire shelf of the smoker. I'll post a midday picture since I forgot to get a before shot since I was a little groggy after working a 24 hr. shift. But here is the little guy going strong......

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    tech, morning....... HEY....... You forgot the Q-Views......      [​IMG]  ......

  3. Yeah sorry I was sans computer yesterday at my parents. They were really good, but took a little long than I thought. We also had brats for lunch which are always delicious.

    This was about 4 hours in when we put the brats on. We ended up moving the brats to the second to top row since they were getting a little hot.

  4. This was the second brisket we took off. I used a commercial rub for both and this one had a honey base.
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    Looks Tasty!
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    Looks really good to me.....   Dave

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