My BBQ partner is born!

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  1. We welcomed Wyatt Banner Hailey to the world July 21, 2011 at 1:16 AM. He weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz. He is going to be my barbecue partner and a great son! Here he is!

  2. fpnmf

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     I am very happy all is well!!

     Craig.... remembering those days...
  3. Congrats!!!!!
  4. scarbelly

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    This is one proud pappa - I got to talk to him last night for about an hour and he was in heaven.

    You are gonna be a great dad. Give Amelia AND Wyatt a hug from us.

    Love the ball cap too!!
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  5. Wyatt Banner. What a cool name. 8-10. That's a healthy one. Good thing you're between 2 hospitals. Congrats my friend. I believe the wife and I may have to come see the lad soon.

  6. chef jimmyj

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    Congatulations...A Beautiful Boy!    Start Him young, my Girls started tenderizing Pork chops and mixing and rolling Pasta at 2 years old!  20 years later the older 2 are in Culinary School and the Baby (15) makes all the fresh pasta for our house!  All the Best!...JJ
  7. solaryellow

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    Congrats Stevo!
  8. bearcarver

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    That's Great Stevo!!!

    8 lb, 10 oz-----Quite a large bundle too!!!

    Great pic too---"The proud Daddy"---Happened to me nearly 40 years ago!!!

    Congrats Buddy, you'll never forget that day !!!!

  9. Been almost 20 years for me Bear. Remember it like yesterday. He will too.
  10. alaskanbear

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    A very hardy congrads to you my young friend--hope wife is doing well also.  [​IMG]  STEVEN!!!

  11. alaskanbear

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    TO WyAtt that is..dam fingers--[​IMG]


    [​IMG]  To Wyatt.

    there, i got it right this time..
  12. meateater

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    Stevo Congrats on the little buddy. [​IMG]Now you can start smoking at night, you'll be up anyways. [​IMG]  I love the name by the way. [​IMG]
  13. talan64

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    Congrats!!!!  Wish you and the family all the luck. 
  14. bearcarver

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    LOL---Now That's funny !!!

  15. meateater

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    Yeah, he should be up in a few hours reading this. [​IMG]
  16. theory

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    Congrats!!! Woohooo!

  17. God bless you and yours. Always remember it is about him. They are our future.

  18. One more thing.

    If he don't like green veggies and liver thats OK[​IMG]

  19. smokinal

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    Awesome little bundle you got there!

    Congrats Buddy!
  20. Thanks Fellas! I'll be going to pick Mommy and Wyatt up soon to bring them home. He came a little early so I've been scrambling back and forth from hospital to home trying to get everything ready. Luckily he was literally born right down the street. Once again thanks for the love yall.


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