Mule's Casing-less Spicy Beef Snack Sticks in the MES 40 with AMNPS

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  1. I got what I thought was a deal on 80/20 ground beef at $ 2.25 LB so snack sticks it is. The last few batches it has been casing-less thanks to my friend BearCarver. It takes a little longer to get the sticks shaped but I like them better. They may look a little like "dog logs" but hey i'm a mule, who am I to judge!

    This time I mixed half of the meat with a half a batch of wet and half a batch of dry. I mixed well then started over with the other. I was hoping to get a better blend. Then I combined the 2 and mixed more.

    Day # 1

    I am using 8LBS of ground beef 80/20
    Mix the following:

    #1 Mix

    Tender Quick----------------------2 ounces)

    Soy sauce---------------------------4 ounces

    Ice Water----------------------------5 ounces

    Stir this until TQ is dissolved, and put in fridge.


    Then mix the following

    #2 Mix

    Black Pepper------------------------------------------------1 TBS

    Home grown dried and crushed lemon pepper-----1 TBS Please note this is not lemon and pepper. It is a breed of pepper. A simi hot pepper

    Crushed red pepper--------------------------------------1 TBS

    Home grown dried Cayenne Pepper-------------------2 TBS

    Mustard Seed------------------------------------------------1 TBS

    Fennel Seed (slightly crushed)--------------------------1 TBS

    Italian Seasoning--------------------------------------------1 1/2 tsp

    Garlic Powder------------------------------------------------1 tsp

    Onion Powder------------------------------------------------1 tsp

    Any amounts of the ingredients above can change to suit your tastes, except the TQ


    Now spread your ground meat out in whatever you're going to mix it in.
    Incorporate Mix # 1 with Mix #2 together, and pour it over all of your ground meat.

    Now Mix & Mix & Mix & Mix & Mix, until you're sure it's mixed as well as possible.

    The beef

    The wet mix

    The dry mix

    Mix mix and mix some more.NOTE: Quality control inspector checking the floor.

    The mix. I mixed Monday night then left town for a meeting. I got back Tuesday night and mixed again.

    The 5 LB stuffer with tube. It is now Wednesday evening and time to stuff.

    The last  loaded into the stuffer

    The sticks laid out. I started doing side to side on the rack then switched to this.

    It is a lot of help if you have 2 people.

    The AMNPS loaded half way with Pitmasters dust.

    ( If you don't have one you need one) This picture should be below the next pic

    The raw sticks have rested overnight in the MES 37° in my shop. 

    This allows them to dry so they will take smoke better

    At the 3 hour mark I rotate the racks. Starting to take on color.

    It smells so good in the shop.

    You can see Maverick probe in the top rack the 10th from the right.

     Done and ready to go to the ice bath

    Out of the ice bath and ready to go back in the project fridge for a rest and to dry.

    I almost put them back in the MES to dry overnight. Now I wish I had opened the 

    Door to the MES and cooled it down, The racks would have helped them air dry.

    It is going to be in the mid 30's tonight.

    not a very good pic but this is the final product.

    On smoking day I started the AMNPS with dust and MES at 100°

    1 hour later I bumped the temp to 110° then 1 hour later to 120°

    Then 2 hour later to 140° I let it ride their for 3 more hours

    Then to 170° for an hour fallowed by 190 till IT of 151°. Then into

    a ice bath to cool fallowed by a warm rinse to remove any oils.

    Then into the project fridge uncovered to dry.

    This batch has a little heat but not a burn you or jump out later

    burn.  I wasn't as happy with the 80/20 ground beef as I am with

    the 80/20 ground chuck I have used in the past. When the dust

    burnt out I reloaded with oak pellets. In the past I have lit both ends

    of the AMNPS full of dust. I will return to that next time.

    Happy smoken.

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  2. Awesome !!!    send me some    Great job

    [​IMG]       [​IMG]

  3. c farmer

    c farmer Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Awesome. Got to try this.
  4. Gary Thanks! I'm only a few hours north so come on up. Thanks for the point.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Adam they are always good. Give it a try you will love it.

    Happy smoken.

  6. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    First I saw this thread------Looks Great, David!!--------[​IMG]

    Don't hide it from me next time!!----------------[​IMG]

  7. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks good David! My new LEM should be here by friday and I'm going to be making caseless sticks too!!!
  8. Bear

    Thanks for the point. You were a good teacher.

    Happy smoken.

  9. Thanks Case. For the smaller stuff when I use up the casings I have now I will do casingless all the time. Your going to enjoy your LEM, I am glad I spent a little more for the Lem.

    Happy smoken.


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