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    Hi all.
    iv been reading some threads about not getting enough smoke from some pellet smokers. I am new too pellet smoking. I have a yoder ys640 on the way along with . A 12" amazing smoker tube. My question is why cant you just close the top vent a littlecto get more smoke flavor? You still get the air flow if you close it up a bit dont you or do you have too run the pellet smokers wide open vent.
    thanks for any information.
  2. There are no vents to close on the YS640. You can adjust the damper left or right to adjust the grill temps but the stack does not have a damper. I have the 6" and 12" tube smokers and they work great. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the thing lit and stay lit after it starts burning but otherwise they add more smoke to the cook. Tomorrow I am going to do 4 racks of baby backs and ABT's and will use the 6" tube, it usually burns about 2 hours and I'll fill it with apple pellets to get a little more smoke flavor.

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    Thanks for the information Joe.

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