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  1. I was reminded of a lunch I owed the guys at the local garage I trade at. They had done some work and did not charge myself and my daughter. The last thing for me was a reducer for my MES 30. When I found Boston Butts for 1.29 I jumped on 2. There are 5 there so they will eat most of the first one.
    I put them on at 3:30 pm anticipating a long slow cook. The first was at 199 It at 3:am That was good enough for me. The other had gone into the typical stall for 3 or 4 hours The second one finished up at 7:30 am . 

    This is what happens when you are taking pictures 35 degree drop in less than 30 seconds.

    Coming along nicely at about 4 or 5 hours

    After about 11 hours

    First off at 12 hours( top  butt )

    A nice clean bone 

    Ready to apply a little finishing sauce  Apple cider vinegar,Apple juice a couple  tablespoons of rub, Black pepper and crushed Red Pepper. Thats how we roll in central Va.

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  2. [​IMG]That is some fine looking butt you have there!


    Happy smoken.

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    When I saw your Thread title I got very excited but when I saw you were talking about PORK butts I got REALLY excited!

    What did you use for a rub and which wood pellets did you use? I noticed you defied convention and smoked the butts naked instead of foiling to get them through the stall. Great job, Jted. I hope when I smoke my first pork butt it comes close to what you produced.
  4. Hi,

    When I was smoking these I had the controller set for 250 at the lower rack I feel the upper butt powered through the stall (eliminated). and finished in a 12 hour period not bad since it was a little over 6 pounds. What that tells me it was close to 275 on the higher rack. The taste and finish was good but there was a bit more fat that did not render down in the 12 hour butt. The second was completely rendered. There was almost no trace of a fat cap. 

    I used EVOO as a binder and Mike mills Magic dust. This is a commercial available rub but this link tells you how to make it.  I add extra sugar and onion pdr.

    As for the pellets I used Todd's Pit Master Blend with a little extra Hickory. The Hickory was used to stretch the mix.
    There are a couple of signs of age is when you get AARP cards in the mail and when food excites you. Dam I fit that category.

    When I was young I worked as a tradesman and invariably some one would talk about the other sex. The old men had a saying about a bowl of good ice cream excited them I did not know what

    it Meant until the last few years. ( cookie dough does it for me)     Jted
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    Nice looking smoke.

    My Pop says, " you know your past your prime, when a promise is better than the real thing".
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    While food excites me I keep it in perspective. When I get to the point where a bowl of good ice cream or a ribeye steak grilled medium rare over charcoal excites me more than my wife, I'm turning in my wedding ring and setting off for a long, permanent swim from Seattle to Hawaii...

    I started getting those mailings from AARP when I was 55 or so. I can proudly say that I remain a nonmember.

    I've been playing with the dual temp probes on my ET-733 and I can attest that temps in the MES 30 Gen 1 vary not only from rack to rack but side to side. When I smoked ribs on two racks I saw that during the first part of the smoke the right side was hotter but that later shifted to the left side.

    Haven't seen Mike's Magic Dust around these parts but when I don't make my own rub I've found storebought rubs that work. I also commonly add hickory or something else to the Pitmaster's Choice unless I'm using specific woods to get a particular flavor. I used his mesquite pellets for the tri-tip roast I just smoked and everyone's who tasted it said they can clearly taste and smell the mesquite which is exactly what I wanted.

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