Monster bellie

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Mar 12, 2009

Now I have been making bellie bacon for a while now and I have seen some really good looking bellies in my day. I had a friend tell me that his new fiance really likes my bacon and he doesn't want her to run out. So here's a Benjamin and let me know when you need more. Now with that music to my ears off to the bellie store I go. I get my usual box of bellies marked at 28.38 lbs. Thinking no big deal until I opened the box. There it was a bellie that weighed in at 18.64 lbs. So now thinking I had the bellie section of Hogzilla I went into curing mode. I'll see you folks in about 10 days when it's time to smoke theses bellies. I can't wait myself for a huge BLT with alot of B



Now I didn't take a longways picture but it was a full 29" long too and just as thick.


Now I'm back to making some sausage. I'm making about 42lbs of different kinds. I will have 12lbs of venison Summer Sausage, 10lbs of venison Breakfast Sausage, 12lbs of  venison bratwurst, 6lbs of wild boar Salami Sausage, and then some bacon out of some of the bigger hunks of wild boar. So I'll keep all of you folks in the loop so hang on till later. Mark 
18.64 pounds!!!!!

That really is from Hogzilla!

The biggest one I ever got was 13 pounds (without the skin).

Can't wait to see this post, Mark.

I'll be here!

I'd hate to run up against a hog that size belly came frome in the briars
That's a huge belly!!!!!!!!!!
Dang Mark

That is one heck of a belly for sure - gonna be fun to watch this one

I'm just gonna cure it and cold smoke as I always do. This one is going to the  FLA Gathering along with another most likely smaller bellie too. I'll see you all there. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.