Monster Avocado

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Aug 1, 2018
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Friend order a case of these Monster Avocado's about a year ago. They just showed up and he gave me one. These things are huge. Now what to do with it? It is very ripe so no time to waste.


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Those are the biggest butter pears I've ever seen. You can smoke and then chill to make an avocado sauce for tacos or a guacamole. For grilling, I start them meat up until they warm up, then spray with oil and flip.

You can fill with about anything, this is a dill yogurt. I cook the avocados last while the meat is resting, a good companion is some roasted tomatoes.
Virtually all of the avocados bred here are Hass, but they are apparently huge like that down in Honduras. Might be especially good, too.
Dude I have never seen anything like that...and wish I could get them here. Anything avocado is great!
we make guac and left over we squirt lemon juice on the take plastic wrap and lay on it an press to get all air out will keep couple days and no browning..
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