Mods to pitmaster

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Apr 12, 2007
NW Missouri
Shortone and I did some mods on the pitmaster that Ultramag gave me at the gathering. The first pic is of the deflector over the opening between the firebox and the smoke chamber. You can also see the rails the we installed to hold the tuning plates up. The second is of the tuning plates w/ the second one removed to show how they sit in the smoker. The third is with all plates in place and the forth is with grates installed.The fifth is where we built a holder to hold the fire grate higher in the firebox for better air circulation.




Checked the temp from side to side and found theat the temp gauge is real close on the end where it is located and the other end , closest to firebox is 15 to 20 degrees warmer with the new baffle and tuning plates. Check the temp with Shortone's digital therms at grate level.
Shortone also fixed some fatties. 1 with hamburger, rub, and shredded cheese. One with ground pork, rub, and shredded cheese. And one with sausage, garden/vegetable cream cheese, and shredded cheese. Here are pics of them.

See! I said I vaguely recalled a guy called smokinmeat and associated that name with ABT's!
Great to see you got the freebie smoker going (with Uncle Shortone's help). Mighty tasty looking ABT's and fattys!
Looks like you got the pic posting working also.
NOW. We will expect to see more fine grub issue forth from the ol' freebie and more frequent posts here!
Good job Matt!

(smokinmeat WAS at the 1st Annual SMF Round-Up and smoked his first ever ABT's there.)
Looks like you guys did a bang up job on the mods. I already knew you could make some good ABT's. Enjoy your new smoker and maybe come share some pics and say howdy to all us little folks once in a while.
Great Job! I move that we give bashful smoker back his registered name and forever more be known as smokinmeat of SMF.
It's out of our hands PC. Only bashful smoker can get his original name back through forum participation. Don't go getting soft on him just because he posted some pics this weekend.
Yeah, he's going to have to prove this is not just a one time thing.
We will have to see some posts (that is with an "s", meaning more than one).
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