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  1. Ok I sm so frustrated. I bought a NBBD off craigslist with the excitedment of a new challenge. My MES isn't as challenging i would like it to be.  Anyways I have search on the forum to see about mods I should try and make, since my first attemt at smoking something on it failed.

    What I noticed was that there was major heating  difference in there. I have notice that people have stated they have used tuning plates or baffels. What is the difference between them?  is one better than the other or easier to do than the other?

    I also have noticed that people have also either use dryer vent tubing or cans to bring the the smoke stack lower in the cooking chamber. I have also read that someone took it all the way to the opening to the firebox. Which and what is better to do.

    What other mods do you recommend that would help me keep my temps constant and stable or just having the unit work better. Any pics that could be included would be so helpful. I have found myself at a loss from what i have seen so far.

    Also I really wanted to know how much charcoal do you usually use for a smaller smoke like whole chickens.

    Thanks i know this has been brought up numberous times already
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    Just start with mod you mentioned and go from their.Mods are a trial and error type thing .Since we all smoke different.Cans from the vent to the rack top will bring more heat and smoke to your food .Cans from the fire box to flue don't make since it by passes the smoke chamber.Check for leaks were heat and or smoke can leave your unit.Most on here use high-temp RTV silicone or stove gasket rope.Get yourself a bag of leg quarters and cook them 2 or 3 at a time . A 10# bag of leg quarters $7.99.Getting your smoker lined out priceless.[​IMG]

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