Mississippi Camp Roast

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Oct 4, 2012
Bend Oregon
Went to camp with some friends this weekend. I cooked a Mississippi roast for all of us on Saturday night. Normally a Mississippi roast would utilize a cut like chuck roast. Also you normally would cook this in a slow cooker or instapot. One could do this in a dutch oven too.
I have used this with trip tip and leaner cuts as a marinade, then boil the marinade for a sauce. Which is what I did for this cook. Roast went into the marinade on Thursday, cooked on Saturday.

Mississippi Roast:

2-4 pound roast

1 packet ranch dressing mix
1 packet Au Jus mix
1 small (16oz) Jar sliced pepperoncino
1 cube of butter (only use if cooking in slow cooker or instapot, dutch oven. Omit if using as marinade).

If cooking in slow cooker, instapot, dutch oven place all ingredients into cooker. Turn on for however long you'd normally cook a pot roast. Serve roast with sauce formed by cooking.

If marinating and cooking on the smoker or bbq, mix all ingredients into whatever you're going to marinate in. Add roast and marinate in fridge for at least 8 hours.

Set up smoker or bbq for the type of roast you are cooking. Remove roast from marinade (reserve marinade). Cook roast to your liking.

Boil down the reserved marinade and serve as a sauce.

My friends like their beef more done than I so rather than mess with slicing and then grilling more. I just took the roast to 145° then let it rest. Cooked on my friends GMG portable pellet pooper.

Always makes a tasty meal. I piled mine on a cheesy bun, yum!







Looks great Case. Love that camper you built too
Looks great Case. Love that camper you built too

Thanks Adam!

I ran out of smokers to build so I needed a new project. The trailer works great. I can haul all my random cooking equipment and my motorcycle! Oh yeah and at least two of my boats!
Nice . You got me thinkin about down sizing . Like all the way down .
Mississippi roast is a favorite . Nice work .
Nice . You got me thinkin about down sizing . Like all the way down .
Mississippi roast is a favorite . Nice work .

A few years back my truck needed its third set of injectors. Of course out of warranty. I didn't want to spend $7,000 on a 14 year old truck so off it went. Along with it went the in bed camper. Leaving me with our 2005 Rav4 as a tow vehicle. I needed light weight comfort! I looked at several commercial camp trailers but none of them fit the bill. I wanted to be able to haul my motorcycle too and there's no small toy hauler around. So this is what I came up with. Works for us and a whole lot less expensive too.
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