Microwave Cold Smoker

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Jul 21, 2010
I present to you, a Microwave converted into a Cold Smoker.




Smoke Chamber:

An old microwave

Smoke Generator:

Tin can with a soldering iron, filled with wood chips.

The soldering iron is a brand new Radio Shack selectable wattage soldering iron.  It is capable of producing heat from 554 F to 900 F, so that I have an adjustable thermostat for the smoke generator.

How it works:

See http://www.freewebs.com/natuurkundewaves/microwaves.htm for a diagram of the inside of a microwave.

I completely removed all electronic components from the old microwave, leaving the wave guide intact (the metal piece above the tin can in my pictures).  On this model microwave, the microwave emitter was above the wave guide, so it was necessary to use a Dremel Drill to cut ventilation holes in the bottom of the wave guide, then cover the top hole with aluminum foil.  I also covered a side ventilation hole with aluminum foil.

I also removed the cardboard cover over the wave guide which is on the inside of the microwave.

I filled the smoke generator with a small amount of wood chips (this is just a test burn), and then placed the smoke generator under the wave generator.  I turned the soldering iron on to maximum, waited a couple minutes, and smoke started pouring into the microwave.

A word of caution: Never disassemble a microwave plugged in.  Even after the microwave is unplugged, the components may still have a potentially DEADLY electrical charge.  You may want to contact a qualified electrician to discharge all components for you prior to dis-assembly.
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