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  1. A friend offered me a tool box with two doors. It's about 5' tall x 3' x 4'. It's painted. Will I be ok to paint the inside with high temp stove paint? Won't have any insulation. Might build a brick foundation to set it on. That will get it a bit higher off the ground.

    Now. How should I heat and smoke it? Propane burner or outside old woodstove.
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    Are you going to remove the paint that's on the inside now?  Is it steel?  
  3. Yes, it's steel. Was wondering about just painting over the existing paint with BBQ paint? Otherwise, I guess I'll have to use paint stripper or power brush it off?
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  5. Sounds like an easy solution. Then paint with black woodstove paint or leave it in the raw?
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    How about some pictures?
  7. No pictures yet. Wife has asked I wait until after Easter to bring it home. He host 60 or so for Easter.

    Planning the build. The box is 3x4x5'. Planning on a cinder block base. Thinking I should remove the bottom other than the area where it will sit on cinder blocks. The base big enough to either build a fire or insert a propane burner. Depending on heat needs. Seem like a reasonable plan?
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    I would not put any paint on the inside burn it good and hot to remove it all then just season it on the inside. You can paint the outside with high temp paint to make it look good but I wouldn't do anything in the chamber where meat will be held.
  9. What would you guys do with the bottom surface? Cut out a hole to match the diameter of the propane burner?
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    I would go with a slightly larger opening than the burner is. I looked at my GOSM, and the hole for the burner is about 2 inches wider than the burner.
  12. THIS! ^^^
  13. What are you using for a surface to build your smoke/ fire?
  14. Nothing to take pics of yet. My wife won't let me bring the box home till after Easter. We've got 60 people coming and she knows what I'd be doing if it was here.
  15. LOL fair enough... Happy Easter to you and your kind... [​IMG]
  16. Starting to work on my smoker. I have a turkey/crab cooker that I plan on using for a fire source. It's low pressure. Plan on cutting a hole in the bottom of the box that's a couple inches bigger than the cooker and allowing the cooker to stick up through box a couple inches. What should I do to create a wood smoking box above the burner? Any pics available?
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    Here is how I have mine....... but now it has a piece of heavy gage expanded metal on top of the bricks.....I used a burner out of a fish fryer from Bass Pro. The opening around the burner will have an effect on the way the burner works, it took a couple trys to get mine where I was happy with it........ShoneyBoy.[​IMG]
  18. What kind of temperatures are you able to attain? Hot enough to get meat up to safe temp for pork, etc.?
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    Joecoll911, I not sure in you are posing this question to me or not. If you are, I have had it up to 375 degrees, it really depends on how much you put in it......
  20. I burned off paint yesterday. Do I need to get it all off? The metal got to 600 degrees with a woodstove thermometer. I'm thinking that it will never get that hot during smoking so it should not ever put off paint fumes again?

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