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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by tobycat, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. tobycat

    tobycat Meat Mopper

    So I have searched the forum but cant find a post about someone using one of these.

    Does anybody have any experience using a metal cutting blade that goes on a regular circular saw to cut tanks?- I looked at a Freud Diablo Metal Demon blade that I can afford, says it will cut up to 1/4".

    My tank is 3/16" but wondering how long they last and if I can do a "drop cut" with one.

    I would also make a side shield for my saw to reduce the chips a flyin!
  2. dancg68

    dancg68 Fire Starter

    I would be careful.  I have ruined a couple woodworking circular saws over the years by cutting material other than wood.  I recommend looking up the manufacturer website for the saw to make sure it is rated to cut metal.  I would think a metal cutting blade would have to turn faster than a woodworking blade, but I am just guessing.
  3. bob1961

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    I have used a 1/8" thick cut off wheel in my circular to cut 1/8" steel plate but had to rest the saw after bout 10 minutes to not kill....your better off getting a 4" hand held grinder and use that with cut off long as what ever cut off wheel you use has a 5/8" arbor hole you can use a 7" cut off wheel without the guard be careful....
  4. doctord1955

    doctord1955 Smoking Fanatic

    go to pawn shop and buy a couple of cheap 10 dollar skilsaws and use a fibered cut off wheel!
  5. Search "cold saw"

    Check out Milwakee's site, they show a video on one in use, They do work, and it actually "traps" the chips in a compartment.
  6. cliffcarter

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    I have used this saw to cut steel, it works very well. Do not try to cut steel with a regular circular saw, it will spit hot steel pieces everywhere and if you get one in your eye it will cause very serious damage.[​IMG]
  7. tobycat

    tobycat Meat Mopper

    I called Freud sawblades and talked to their tech advisor about the Diablo Metal Demon D0748FM  and I can use it in my skilsaw. My saw turns 5200rpm and the blade is rated to 5800. I do plan on taking a piece of aluminum and making a side guard with a possible hose attachment for a shop vac.
  8. Hello.  I was a welder/fabricator for almost 20 yrs.  3/16" is pretty thick for a circular saw.  I doubt you will be able to hold it straight and will probably be disappointed with the cut.  When you cost the price of the blade and the probable cost of replacing your saw; not to mention any possible medical bills, I'd pay a welder to do the cuts.  Just my 2 cents.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  9. cliffcarter

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    Don't do it. Hot steel is going to be spewing from the blade, IMHO a safety nightmare. By attaching a vacuum cleaner hose you are risking setting fire to the filter and anything else inside your shop vac. A poster suggested you get a 7" cutoff wheel for your skil saw, that is a much better choice for what you want to do, it creates sparks not flying bits of steel.
  10. Just go to Northern tools and buy the Milwalkee cold saw, then you will have the right tool for the blade. Or use a cut off wheel.   You can cut 3/16 all day with a cut off wheel. They 1/8 thick ones for your skill saw are ( IMHP ) not as easy to use as the thinner ones on a angle grinder.  I
  11. dfbourg

    dfbourg Fire Starter

    I have the Milwaukee saw and it works great and has the chip catching guard built in. The rpm is different on it compared to a regular skillsaw plus like said previously the chips will fly everywhere and the blade will burn up. Now you can get the abrasive wheel blade but that will throw a lot of sparks and the blade would wear down pretty fast.
  12. tobycat

    tobycat Meat Mopper

    Found a metal circular saw at Harbor Freight for $94.99. Was going to spend $40 on just the blade. Still curious if I'll get the door and firebox opening cut before it goes dull.
  13. geerock

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  14. daveomak

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    RW, what the H is that ???  At least give us a name so we can look it up.......  
  15. A ricipacating saw with a metal cutting blade works pretty good. I prefer Victor.

    Happy smoken.

  16. daveomak

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    I prefer hyper-therm.....   [​IMG]  ....    ELECTRIC FLAME.  ......   
  17. I was thinking of having a blast door on my smoker
  18. [​IMG]

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