MES Temp Gauge Accuracy

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by pantherfan83, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. pantherfan83

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    I have an MES 40" SS (last year's version).

    Has anyone made any modifications to their MES to add an external temp gauge? I had mine set in the sun this weekend. I let it heat up for about an hour with it set on 100. When I checked the temp, the factory gauge was reading 155. I moved it to the shade and it seemed to take care of the problem.

    While in the final stage of smoking my summer sausage, I had it set to 165, but the temp kept going up to 170-173. Then it would slowly go back down to 164 and the heating element would kick on. The temp would quickly rise back to 166 and the element would shut off, but the temp would continue to climb several degrees. I'm not sure if I had a small fire going in my wood chunks or what?? It was the 1st time I'd used dry chunks instead of wet, so maybe I did.

    The other thing that makes me wonder about the accuracy of the factory temp gauge is some of the fat (more than I expected) melted inside the casings. Not nearly all of it, but the fat that was closest to the outside of the casings. I never set the temp higher than 165, although like I said the temp did read up to 173 or so.

    I guess I could use one of my meat probes to monitor the internal temp, although I don't understand how this is done. Aren't you supposed to stick a potato onto the probe? A whole potato (small/large??), or just a chunk? Put the probe all the way through, or leave the tip buried inside it?

    I was thinking about just drilling a small hole in the door and mounting a temp gauge in it.
  2. daddio

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    i just fired my 40" ss up for the first time this past weekend and it did a great job!! i took my digital probe and pushed it where the potato was about 2/3 the way down the probe so the end og the probe and part of the middle were exposed mine read within about 15 degrees of each can do the same with a block of wood just drill a hole where the probe can go through like i was saying on the tater. good luck and enjoy i know i did and everyone else that cam to the tasting party!!
  3. ronp

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    Did you have a full water pan? If not that would explain the fluctuation. Also was the vent wide open?

    I wouldn't be worried about the 8 degrees that much. If you are, just set your temp a few degrees lower.
  4. pantherfan83

    pantherfan83 Smoking Fanatic

    RonP, the water pan was 2/3 full. I guess I put more emphasis on the 8 degree fluctuation than I meant to. More of a concern was the rendering of the fat (possibly temp was higher than what it was reading) and the 55 deg difference when I had it setting in the sun. I assume the internal temp wasn't 155 at that time with it only set on 100. I figured it was being thrown off by the strong sun shining on the SS. I can deal with whatever temperature it reads as long as its accurate.

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