MES mods for a newbie

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May 22, 2022
I’ve wandered into the deep end. A neighbor set their MES30 out on the curb with a sign that said “free, it works” (I think they just bought a kamado) and I took it home, having never thought about smoking meat beyond enjoying the food I’ve had made by friends.

I tried it out yesterday and had a blast making two racks of delicious ribs. While happy with my first results, I didn’t get enough smoke (barely any) and have started to look into how to fix that for future cooks. I’ve seen a tip to fuss with my heating element to make sure it is in direct contact with my chip tray, and have also now seen lots of info about A-Maze-N smoke tubes and trays. And chimneys. And mailboxes (?).

What do y’all recommend for initial improvements to smoke generation in an MES30? I’m looking for improvements that I could do for $100 or less with minimal metal working to start with. I’m handy (ish), but hate doing metal work and don’t really have the tools for it

Welcome to SMF. Here's a pic of my MES40 which was also a free bee curbside gift. As shown, I would consider a mailbox mod. There are other mods such as an Auber PID controller, etc, which has replaced the original electronics.

I'm sure many will chime in shortly to give you more ideas.

I use the mailbox setup with amnps tray, works great , tubes work but my opinion they give off to much smoke for the mes
Welcome from ND.
A good quality digital thermometer is probably #1. The MES thermometers are not very accurate.
A tube ( or tray ) as in normanaj normanaj link, and the mailbox mod will only run you about $50 for both.
If chips aren't really smoking, it may not be getting as hot as stated. Chips don't really burn until approx 200 -225°
Future, an Auber PID would make that a superb smoker. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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