MES 40 lost heat

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by matthewstultz, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Just finished a smoke prematurely. I plugged the MES into the wall directly and it kept heat all day. The unit has power and is programmable, the number just keeps going down and not up.

    Is it as simple as a heating element? Please help! I have just now got it the way I like it and my family and friends love my cooking.

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    [​IMG]  ,I'm gonna watch this...I'm curios.
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    Is the heating light on?
  4. Yes

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    Unscrew (or otherwise access) the back panel on your MES.  It has 5-6 screws holding it on.  If you do not have this access panel, you will need to remove the rivets holding the back on to get to the wiring.

    You will likely see a corroded connection that goes to the element.  You will need to replace a section of wire and crimp a new spade connector.

    This is a common problem.
  6. Are there any mods to shield the wiring after repair?

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  7. Master built customer service sending me a new heating element at no charge. Very friendly.

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  8. Mine did that last year. It would heat up to temp and then start losing heat even though the heating light was lit. Checked the connectors, which were fine. Ended up replacing the heating element, and Masterbuilt sent it free. Still didn't fix my problem and they ended up sending me a new body and said it was something wonky in the wiring in the body. It's been working fine since - although my temps are still a lot cooler than what the digital display is set for. 

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