MES 30" model #2007021

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Jan 3, 2013
Anyone know if this is a "good model"? Looking for an electric smoker for cold smoking and for smaller cooks. It's on sale at amazon for $99 right now and didn't think that was a bad price. Any comments on this particular model would be appreciated. Sorry model #20070210
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Good smoker after a few modifications. Not really insulated, but double wall steel. Design mostly for hot smoking.To get smoke at temps below 180 I use dry sawdust in pan put directly on heat coil. Box is also under vented causing moisture and creosote dripping so I drilled a  1 1/2 inch vent with damper in upper right corner. Problem solved ! For cold smoke I use Amaz. smoke gen on bottom rack.

Analog numbers have changed and quite a few diff models but mine is over 3 years old, covered and stored outside when not in use and no problems with electronics yet. When you can get a box this cheap you can't be afraid to fiddle with it to get it up to your specs, because you couldn't build one out of a trash can for $99.
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I agree with SB. $ 99 gets you a sealed smoker with racks and a 1500 watt element. It recovers quickly even though its not insulated. This doesnt have the digital controller so dont worry about good / bad model. SB has given you a couple of easy mods so what do you have to lose? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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