MES 30 heat came on without setting it!

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by scottk, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. So I go to cold smoke some stuff - cheese and canadian bacon this morning and its about 32 degrees outside.  I'm using the AMNPS for smoke.  I turned on the MES 30 and set the timer (just as a reminder to me how much time should be left), but was very careful not to turn on the heat.  I.E. I set the time, and did not touch the heat buttons.  I watched to make sure the heat light did not come on.  About an hour later all seemed well and I left for a while.  When I came back at about 3 hours in the unit was at 100 degrees.  Much of the cheese was melted of course - some is saved. Bacon is fine of course.

    I should preface by saying earlier in the morning I had the unit set at 140 degrees to dry the meat a bit.  I turned the unit off completely to ensure the thermostat would disengage, prior to cold smoking (also to allow ti to cool, which doesn't take long when it's freezing outside).

    Is this a known problem with the MES 30?  Should the thermostat have been able to set itself or did I do something wrong?  Next time I will skip church and drink beer while I watch it!

    Generally the machine does nothing until you specifically set the temp so I thought I was safe.  Should I contact Masterbuilt about this?

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    I think as soon as you set the timer the MES assumes you are smoking something & starts up. It probably didn't start up right away because they won't start if they are too cold, but as the AMNPS warmed it up a little it just started up. You need to get a separate timer & not use the MES as a timer unless your smoking something.
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    I've had the same thing happen. if I simply turn on the power to monitor tell for a come smoke I'm fine. The minute I set the time it automatically brings tell to 100 degrees which is minimum temp if I'm not mistaken. now I just use the timer on a probe thermometer.
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    yup, teez has it exactly right... set the timer and it starts the heating unit. will default at 100 deg unless you change.
  5. Teez is right...I have an MES 30 and when I cold smoke I don't even plug it in! 

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