meat slicer problem

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Nov 6, 2021
I just bought a brand new food slicer.
It leaves marks in the meat.
What can be the problem?


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Never saw that before. It looks frozen to me, too.
A lot of things slice cleaner if they're ALMOST frozen but not actually frozen.
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No, this is just dry meat, not frozen.
Its like prosciutto.
The blade is just round circle.
And the meat slicer looks like this.


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If your slicing dried meat and there's no moisture present I would expect that type of result. Slice up some spam and see how it works....... :emoji_thumbsup:

Hmm, I tried with it with a kind of fresh salami of some sort....
Also not ok.
Bent blade or shaft maybe? Does it look like its running true. Rpm's low? You said it was new so I assume it is not used.

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