Meat Processing

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Jan 6, 2011
Good Morning,

A couple of quesitons...

I was wondering is there any other meat processors out there? 

How many of you would like to see a breakdown of processing?

Here is why I ask, I just slaughtered a beef over the weekend and could take pictures and do a "play by play" if anyone would like.

It would be a few weeks before it would be done. Got to let him hang for another 10 days or so.

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Your post on butchering would be more than welcome here...
Lets see if I can put this into words everyone can follow. I'll post pictures when I get them, but for now, a explanation......

Here we go....

Chuck: refers to everything in the front part of an animal ie. Chuck roasts (usually out of a shoulder or the neck ) 7 bone roasts are basically the shoulder cut on the horizontal if the animal were standing. 

Rounds: Anything on the back part of the animal. Rounds steak, Sirlion, Tips, Tenderloin (fillet mignon) Rump roasts....

Ribeye Steaks: these guys come guessed it, from the top of the ribs only. Thats why when you halve an animal you leave all ribs with the front half.

New Yorks: These come from right where the ribeyes stop back to the "H" bone or the Hip bone/Pelvis.

T-bone: Now if you were to use a band saw, a t-bone is the New Yorks with a taste of the fillet on the other side.

Tenderloin/Fillet Mignon: is fond on the inside back half of the animal directly under the New Yorks.

Making sense so far? I sure hope so.

Porterhouse: When using a saw, Just a smidge past the t-bones with more of the fillet.

Sirloins: Come off of the H-bone where it curves inward toward the back or tail..kinda. Several parts of muscles make up the sirloins...aka sloppy sirloins.

Round Steaks: There are two parts to these..and top and a bottom. The top is one big hunk of muscle found on the hind quarters on the inside part of the leg. It is identified as the top from a piece of meat floating on "top" of the part also known as the "cap".

                  The bottom is found on the outside of the hind quarter. This consists of two pieces of meat, which everyone I am sure is aware of one part called the "eye" the eye of round.  I usually on game will roll this part and tie for a rump roast.

Tips: Tip steak are the thighs. from the knee cap to the ball joint of the hip and 90'd out to the front of the thigh.

This is basic and hope it sheds a little light on the subject for now......I'll up date this when it comes time to cut the beef.

Any more questions please ask!

Very cool! Thanks Jeremy.

I never really thought about it all to much other than how much $$ per lb. they are asking at the store.... lol.
Jeremy, thank you for the clear concise verbal explanation of where the cuts come from.  Now when you get to cutting and wrapping the one you just hung up,  Run the narrative again.  I have been doing my own deer and elk for years, but bone them out.  After doing few on my own I am convicned that there is a big difference between a "butcher" and a"meat cutter".  I am definitley in  the "butcher" category and will never be a meat cutter/processor. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

I have to agree with everyone here and say bring it on. I wouldn't mind watching it either. Heck I'm always willing to learn more stuff about beef.
I'd like to see it, too.  Adding pictures to your definition post would be a great way to do it.

Above is a post I created on a forum I am very fond of. You do not need to be a member to view. But this is my passion. If any of you have any question at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

Interesting Jeremy, Thanks for the link!

It's a small world, someone from that forum contacted me about a recipe for smoked venison buck and bourbon that I posted on my blog, It was called bourbon, buck and beer bread...... I guess someone had posted the link to my blog recipe on the forum.  I've checked the forum out before, it looks like a nice one. :)
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I've been a custom and retail meatcutter, meat manager, district meat, deli/bakery supervisor and director of meat operations for over 30 years.  However, no longer have access to a meat room or hanging or primal/subprimal box beef.   This is something I've wanted to do for years on here but have not had the means, plus now have gone through two strokes and no longer have the finer knife skills (I can still stab'n'slab, however, lol!).   I would totally enjoy seeing you produce comprehensive meat cutting/processing tutorials for this forum and any help or advice I could give don't hesitate to ask; send me a PM and glad to share my thoughts!  I too come from the 'old school' ways growing up in a meat market with hanging beef, custom cutting hanging hogs, deer, elk, moose, bear, etc. 
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I'll get the camcorder set up and record the whole process. Hopefully my wife will be able to run it for me.

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