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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by jomadav, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. jomadav

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    Just bought a brand new Maverick 2 pc. set and have now used it twice.

    First time, I used in my smoker to do beef ribs - used the maverick to watch air temp.  - and the ribs turned out undercooked.

    Second time, yesterday, pork loin, same smoker, this time I ran the Maverick side by side with my old Accu-Rite from Target 15 years old or so. the Maverick showed 245/249 while the accu-rite showed 225/6., and both aftermarket thermometers on the smoker showed around 215-220. What Im getting at, Why is the maverick sooo far off, the others can't all be wrong that bad.

    ....Is there a calibration process to the maverick? Seems odd to me on brand new equip.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Note : temps were taken Maverick: w/ factory grill mounting clip 1" above grate, near center of grate. Accu-rite : in " tinfoil potato "directly next to Maverick probe, same location and same height above grate
  2. Should try all of them in boiling water to see which one is right.
  3. daricksta

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    I've got the ET-733 and have also only used it twice on a beef brisket and a turkey breast and both turned out great. I haven't calibrated mine yet but I'll do it today and edit this comment with the results.

    Well, this is disheartening. I just did a boiling water test and both probes only made it up to 208* so it looks like mine might be displaying 4 degrees cooler than the actual temp. I'm going to have to try this again and if I get the same result I'll contact Maverick customer service.
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  4. jomadav

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  5. jomadav

    jomadav Smoke Blower

    Well, I don't know how the "?" got in there.....sorry.
  6. Not sure where you're at, but altitude can affect water boiling thresholds by a few degrees. After some of the junk Walmart digital thermometer setups I have bought, I'd be very happy to be within 4°.

    I'm not positive since I've long since thrown out the books, but I believe my Maverick said accuracy within 3°. You're very close.
  7. jomadav

    jomadav Smoke Blower

    We are at 840' ASL here in Richfield, MN. I agree with the +/- a couple of  is degrees is acceptable. My concern was the air temp. in the smoker - the Maverick was reading quite a bit higher.

    But if it's right in boiling water and ice water = it has to be right in the smoke too?
  8. Temperatures of water:
    Sounds like 208 is pretty close. It should read air temp same as water temp. 

  9. jomadav

    jomadav Smoke Blower

    Thanks Scott. I am still going to run 2 thermometers today. yes, I know its "OCD" -
  10. Nah, not OCD, just the more the merrier when it comes to cool gadgets like thermometers! Wish I had a couple more myself.
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  11. noboundaries

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    Digital thermometers use software algorithms to convert the electrical impulses from the probes into a readout.  Plus or minus 3-4F is what Maverick considers accurate.  My chamber probes are right on while my food probes read 2 degrees low.  I'm basically at sea level. 

    Additionally, the programming in digital thermometers will average the readout over time.  Therms from different manufacturers will use different software.  The Maverick has a rather short averaging period.  My BBQ Guru has a longer averaging period.  The chamber probes will read quite differently for a while but eventually the two match up.  Not so with the food probes.  The Guru food probe tested at 212F but reads 5 degrees hotter than the Maverick when stuck in the same piece of meat right next to each other.   

    For consistent results pick one make of thermometer and cook/smoke "to" it.  I learned with the Maverick so that's what I go by.  If I had to use the Guru exclusively it would take a little while to adapt my timings and final temps, but not long.  If I had to use the lid thermometer exclusively it would take longer still to develop the "feel" for doneness since it gives the temp at the lid, not the grates, which in the WSM will have different temps than the lid. 

    Talk about OCD!  I'm quite analytical about mine.         
  12. lanshark42

    lanshark42 Fire Starter

    I'm using my new Maverick ET-733 today with some ribs I'm smoking in my MES30.  I have the MES probe in one slab of ribs and a Maverick probe in the other.  I'm using the 2nd Maverick probe for ambient temp.  Smoker temp is set to 230°.  Smoker temp shows 230° on the MES monitor  Maverick ambient probe shows 196°.  Should I be worried?

    FWIW, I just pre-ordered an  iGrill2.  Really want the 4 probe capability to I don't have to carry around 2 monitors AND my phone.  Can't wait to get it...


    I've used this MES30 smoker 4 times, using the built-in probes each time.  Flawless meat every time.  So I'm inclined to think the built-in probles are accurate.  Or I'm VERY lucky.  (Or both.)
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  13. michief

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    When I get new probes I use boiling water to see how accurate it is and wrap a piece of tape around the cord, near the plug and write how many degree off it is -1, +3, whatever it is. Helps keep me sane.
  14. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I just tested my ET-733 probes yesterday in boiling water and they were accurate, both even going up to 214*. I have a MES 30 Gen 1 without a MB probe so all I have to use are the twin probes of the Maverick. I'm finding it standard for the #2 Barbecue probe to show the temp anywhere from 15-25 degrees or so hotter than what the MES digital display shows. You also see per the Maverick how the temp swings due to the controller kicking in and out, which I've been told is per design. Right now I've got the MES set point at 235* and the ET-733 is showing the temp from the low 250s to 261.

    I've had my MES 30 for two years and have greatly enjoyed using it. I feel the Maverick ET-733 is the only therm I need. However, if I want to further confirm the accuracy of the Food probe, I have a CDN instant read thermocouple thermometer (which has been calibrated) I can use as well.
  15. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I re-did the test yesterday by sticking the probes in a saucepan with water boiling over a burner. This time both probes showed 214*, so I'm happy. I figured that heat probably dissipates fairly quickly when moving a large measuring cup from the microwave to the counter and it looks like I was right. And you're right about Maverick's stated accuracy of the therm.
  16. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    My Mav is within one degree at basically sea level.

    I think all your therms need retesting.  Too much difference.

    Also, the boiling water test needs to be done at a full rolling boil.  A pair of tongs or great gloves might be required?  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
  17. jomadav

    jomadav Smoke Blower

    Ok all. I ran the smoker with 3 thermometers.

    1. Maverick

    2. analog round hanging oven ( that I have had for ever and trust)

    3. OEM Masterbuilt in the door - somewhat close believe it or not.

    .....Mav read 235-245 consistantly for the 5 hrs. Inside round oven read 245-250 and the door read 275 pretty much the whole time.

    I used the 3-2-1 method on the ribs and the turned out perfect. I will post other pics on my thread in propane smokers here.

    Thanks you all for the help. I trust the Maverick now, but will always check it against others to be sure.

    Note: Ion the "OCD" thing, I could go out to my work truck and grab my Fluke work meter with the temperature probe-----na, too much work. Have fun all !
  18. sb59

    sb59 Smoking Fanatic

    I saw where you placed your therms. in your other thread. One reason for diff. temps. between therms. is def. placement. In your analog the door therm. and your hanging oven therm are getting much more direct heat from air rising along door directly into the therms. The Mav. being placed between the racks is shielded by your racks,trays,& pans. Also shielded by the meat and affected by the meat temp. Best to preheat smoker empty to desired temp. and wait til stabilizes. Then put product in quickly and let it return to temp. The oven air temp should be set empty and will be in ballpark for smoke. + or - 10 degrees or so. It will actually come closer to temp. as the meat temp. rises. Most important use a meat therm in each piece or if in only one check the others with a quick read before removing. Don't smoke by time because you seldom get two smokes that finish the same.
  19. jomadav

    jomadav Smoke Blower

    OK. So on my model of smoker - Masterbuilt Pro Dual fuel Gas - where do you recommend for me to try placing the Maverick BBQ probe? I get the walls and door side run higher, but I thought I was a step ahead by putting the Mav in the center.


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