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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by damnthatsgood, Apr 28, 2014.

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    I usually do.  lol
  2. daricksta

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    I'm lucky that my family loves smoked food but they're a little fussy about which smoked food. They devoured the two racks of baby back ribs I smoked a few weeks ago which were the best I ever made. My family also loves smoked cheeses (I smoke mozzarella and sharp cheddar) in Panini sandwiches and in grilled cheeseburgers. Last weekend I made the best brisket I've ever made but my daughter doesn't like brisket. My wife and son thought it was great but I still wound up over the week finishing up all the leftover brisket myself. It was outstanding but I've had my fill of smoked brisket for awhile.

    You must try smoking salt. Can't tell you how that adds an extra dimension to many dishes. Some people smoke pepper as well. You could even make your own smoked paprika.
  3. ryanl

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    Is it pretty common for the probes to die on the 733? I just bought mine abut a week ago, I've used it only a few times including today when I was using it to monitor a couple of 7lb butts, and the probe in the meat seems to have died. It was never submerged or subjected to high heat. For a while it was just saying LLL, but it has kicked back in a couple of times, and now seems to be jumping all over the place. My meat should be about 180, and it's jumped from 158-196, and everywhere in between. Is that typical behavior of a bad probe? I've already contacted Amazon for a replacement, just in case.
  4. timberjet

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    I had one get a tiny cut in the wire one time from closing the lid on it a million times. Make sure it is plugged all the way in. I have had this happen before and luckily figured it out before panic set in on the big old rib eye roast I was cooking.
  5. AmazeN products sells replacement probes; they are with 6 foot cables.  This gives you more options for transmitter placement, due to the fact they are 3 feet longer than the factory probes.  I ordered 3 recently.
  6. meatbone

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    That's why I love this place!!

    Thanks for taking the time to post that excellent review.

    Just bought mine in red.
  7. The probes on these Maverick ET thermos are garbage. I have now been through 2 in just over a yr. there has to be a design flaw here with that joint that allows water in and shorts so easily.
  8. Okay, I've added some stuff to the FAQ section.  One of you mentioned a good thread on configuring these units.  If you could dig that up so I could add the link to the FAQ, I'd appreciate it.

    FYI, setting up this thermo is so easy a caveman could do it. So if any of you need some help, drop me a line in the thread, or in a PM.  I want to make this thing as user friendly as possible.

    When in doubt, get your wife to read the directions to you!  Happy smokin'.
  9. naimbeg

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    I just put batteries into the ET-733 and noticed that when looking at it, the display is just a little fuzzy/faded looking it directly, and continues to fade to the point where you cannot see the reading at all as you lay it down in front of you. Now if I look at the display from the other angle (top down) it's sharp.

    On my prior meat thermometers I tend to lay them down on their backsides next to the grill instead of using their stands (as I tend to knock them over in their stands).

    Is this normal for the display to fade out?
  10. radioguy

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    Sounds like a bad connection to the display. Did you drop it or get it wet? Try to shake it while watching the display, to see if it goes in /out. Sorry but it sounds like it's dying.

  11. daricksta

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    I've noticed the same thing with my ET-733, that the display on the receiving unit seems to have gotten dimmer than when I first had it even after putting in new batteries. I have it upright when I use it and need to have it in a fairly bright room in order to read the screen. I should talk to Maverick about this.

    No display problem at all with the transmitter.
  12. bearcarver

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    The only time my 4 year old ET-732 or my 5 year old ET-73 get faded is when the batteries need changing, which is very seldom.

  13. naimbeg

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    It's a brand new unit...

    To be clear, I am talking about if you hold the unit directly in front of you (so you are  directly looking at the display) then tilt the unit so that you are looking at it now a 45 degree (with the top pointed away from you) the text on the display almost completely fades away...

    It has to do with the angle you are looking at the text determining if you can see it or not...

    I will see if I can post a picture to better show this.
  14. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I just tested mine and I know what's going on; it's a design issue. The LED display is sharp and clear; the problem is the lack of a constantly backlit screen. When you press the Backlight button the screen glows bright orange-red for a few seconds and then goes off. It looks to me like the screen is made from some type of reflective material because when I hold the receiver flat under a ceiling light I can clearly see the everything on the screen. If I tilt it away from the light source it's darker. I think to save battery life and to hold the cost down Maverick chose not to make a permanent backlight an option.

    So, the key here is to just tilt the receiver screen toward a light source whether it be a light in a room or sunlight coming through a window. I'm going to email Maverick about this issue and I'll come back to this thread with their reply.
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  15. Thank you.
  16. econbassman

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    Just added one to my Amazon Wish-list...*fingers crossed*
  17. daricksta

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    Just sent my email to Priscilla at Maverick Customer Service. Let her know my other complaint is how difficult it is to program the thing each time I smoke without re-reading the owners manual. It's very frustrating if you don't press the right buttons in time and in the right sequence because it locks up and you have to repeat the whole sequence again and again till you get it right.

    I did make it clear that I still love using the therm after I finally get the settings entered. I'll share the response as soon as I get it.
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  18. bearcarver

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    This is why my next one will be the same as my 4 year old "ET-732".

    I don't need or want any of the bells & whistles. All I need or want is a smoker probe, a meat probe, and a digital read-out on the transmitter, and a digital read-out on the receiver. All the rest is a waste for me. Shame they don't make one that only has those things.

    Same thing with my camera----Got so many buttons on it, there's no place to hold the dang thing when I take pics!!!!  And all I use is on--off and zoom!!!

  19. Configuring the 733 can be a pain.  When I convinced two of my co-workers to purchase one, I had them bring the 733s to work, so I could do the basic config on them. A fuel level type indicator for battery condition would be a plus.  This way, a user could determine if batteries need replacement before a long smoke.

    In spite of all of these statements, the 733 is one of my essential cooking tools.
  20. If we all had some little ones about 7-10 years old, they would have that thing running in no time. Amazed by how fast our 6 year old grand daughter has learned how to grab my phone, scroll through the icons and start taking pictures! And then get to the Gallery and scroll through that until she finds the videos???

    I have the 732 and I pretty much use it just to monitor internal temps on meat as I use a PID for the smoke temps and times. Walked across the street helping my neighbor with a project the other day while smoking a pork butt and was surprised that the remote worked that far away! Made me smile.....[​IMG]


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