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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by simplexcoda, Jul 28, 2011.

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    I am sourcing materials for a build. I already have a 155 gallon propane tank. But I was wondering, since I dont know a whole lot about metal alloys, does it matter much which alloy of steel is used for the baffle and firebox? Like it seems to me that A36 is the cheapest. But would some other type of steel be better suited? I dont really see a need to spend the money on stainless. Thanks for all your advice.
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    Do you have a local metal supplier?  If so, just ask for hot rolled steel.  The most common available hot rolled is A36.   If they carry it, cold rolled plate is alot nicer to work with, but a little more money.  Cold rolled is a bit tougher and is typically a 1018 steel.  The hot rolled has a scale coating on it that really should be removed before welding or painting.  No additional prep needed for cold rolled. 
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    I have several suppliers around me, but I was hoping to try to find some at the scrap yard to save money. But, I was just wondering if A36 would work. Thank you for the info.
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    Well, Now I have the amount of steel to purchase all worked out. But, now I have another question. Has anyone ever tried using gas struts to hold the doors up instead of counter balances?

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