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  1. Can anyone share any experience + or - with Masterbuilt propane smokers.

    I'm interested in the 2 drawer model:

    But having trouble finding a lot of information / reviews on it.

    So far, I find tidbits here and there about Masterbuilt in general and there are a few reviews on Bass Pro's site.

    It "seems" like a higher-end alternative to the regular sized GOSM (single door) but I don't know how the two brands compare in build quality and function.

    On the plus side w/ the GOSM are all the posts about mods.  Landmann also makes a 2 drawer model that's competitive in price but I find even less feedback about that one.

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    I have a masterforge 2 door gasser and really like it.
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    Lot of folks on here have them & I'm sure will chime in with their comments. I have a Smoke Vault gasser & like it a lot.
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses.  I'm starting to get a little more info on performance.


    Any specific feedback on build quality, ability to regulate temperature ?  I would like to be able to hold the smoker around 225 for my smokes. This would be in Maryland where the weather is fairly moderate.

    Besides substituting a cast iron skillet for the chip pan, have you had to do any other mods to make the smoker work well for you ? Or was it fairly good right out of the box ?

  5. Mine regulates temps really well with no mods. The build quality is great.
    So far the best smoker I have bought.
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  6. scooper

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    I have a single door 30" Masterbuilt Propane.  It is my first smoker, and I love it.  I got it at Sears for $170.00.  I did not mod the wood tray as some others have done.  With some woods like apple that seem to burn faster, I roll the chunk up in a piece of foil, leaving the ends slightly open.  This keeps flare-ups to a minimum.  Especially important when doing a salmon fillet. 

    I am in S. Florida.  This time of year I can easily keep the temp between 210 and 225.  In the summer I have to use it under a porch roof or large umbrella to keep the temp down.  Also, filling it up with lots of food helps too.  [​IMG]

    I like having the ability to crank the heat up to finish chicken thighs and wings if I am too lazy, or weather does not permit me to finish them on the grill. 

    I did mod the water pan.  The one it comes with is way too small.  I took it out and stuck in a disposable 1/2 chafing dish pan.  You just have to push the bottom in a little and it fits right in.  It may not be the right thing to do as far as being green, but it sure makes clean up easier.

    The installed therm in the door is even accurate on mine.  I was using a Maverick ET-732, but the Q probe shorted and broke.  I am on the back order list for a replacement.  Just to be safe I still use an extra meat therm to monitor smoker temp. 
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    I know I'm late to this party but I just joined a few days ago. I have the Masterbuilt 30 inch single door. Picked it up last weekend at Sears for $119.00. I had a $50.00 gift card for buying a stove a few weeks ago and that sucker was burning a hole in my wallet. Anyway I too am in Maryland ( Columbia), I am planning on doing the mod to the chip pan. Probably get to smoking in a couple of days. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Great site tons of info and a nice group of smokers.


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