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Masterbuilt/SMF Contest - MES-40 Up for Grabs!!

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The rules have been updated to reflect exactly what Masterbuilt wants so read them carefully. I apologize for the initial lack of clarity in how the contest was supposed to be handled..

I am so excited to announce a brand new contest that we have put together with Masterbuilt for the month of November. Masterbuilt has put up for grabs a brand new Masterbuilt 40-inch Electric Smokehouse and here's how to get a chance at winning one of these for your very own:

Type or paste your very own favorite smoking recipe into this thread making sure to include ingredients and clear instructions for preparing and smoking the food. Once you are satisfied with it, hit the submit button to post it.

Once your recipe is posted, head over to the Masterbuilt Facebook page and hit the "Like" button at the top of the page. If you are not a Facebook user, you will be prompted to do a quick sign-up first which is pretty easy and painless and there is no obligation to fill out your complete profile right away. Once you are signed up for Facebook, you can then go to the Masterbuilt Facebook page and hit the "Like" button at the top of the page.

So.. to recap how to get a chance at winning this beautiful smoking machine:
  1. Post your very own recipe that you like to smoke on the smoker.
  2. "Like" the Masterbuilt Facebook page
  3. Cross your fingers!
How the Top Finalist and Winner will be Chosen

Masterbuilt will choose the 5-6 top finalists and actually cook/smoke those recipes. A team of tasters will choose a winner from that group.

A Few Important Notes:
  • Posting multiple recipes DO increase your chance of being in the group of finalists
  • It is ok if your recipe is similar to others or inspired by another recipe but try to put a twist on it or do something a little different to make it uniquely yours. Add comments, instructions, etc. as required to make sure the recipes are prepared exactly as you would do them. NO copy/pasted recipes from other sites allowed.
  • Try to think outside of the box.. many recipes cooked in the home oven could easily be cooked in a smoker. If you have a favorite recipe that would also work in the smoker then post it.
  • Please direct all questions about this contest to me via a PM and I will get you an answer as soon as possible.
  • Please refrain from complaining, bickering or pre-judging other contestants recipe entries, If there is a problem with any recipe it will be noticed and handled, if necessary, by the administration of this forum. (just a nice way of saying, "mind your own recipe business.. leave the rest to us"
  • Be sure to click on the "Like" button at the top of the Masterbuilt Facebook page as this is what finalizes your entry or entries. If you are already a member of the Masterbuilt Facebook page then this step will not be necessary.
  • Pics are nice but not required to enter this contest
Here are a few more details about that smoker:


Using your favorite wood, recipe and food, you can smoke your own delicacies with the Masterbuilt 40-
inch Electric Smokehouse.

Backyard chefs can watch their masterpieces cook before their eyes through a built-in glass viewing
window. Home cooks can dazzle their family and friends with an array of culinary treats that make
mouths water and stomachs growl.

Four racks provide 930-square inches of cooking space to smoke nearly anything the home entertainer
desires – sausage, chicken, ham, fish, jerky, vegetables and more. Just a cup of your favorite wood
smoldering in the electrically heated, removable wood chute helps create the perfect, natural flavor
every time.

Digital controls help make culinary masterpieces. The heating element adjusts from 100° to 275°
with a push of a button and is regulated by a digital thermostat, providing consistently even cooking
temperatures. A built-in meat probe displays the internal temperature of the food you're smoking so
that you reach lip-smacking perfection with ease.

Other useful features include:

Chrome-coated smoking racks
Convenient side wood-chip loader
Removable drip pan and rear-mounted grease pan

Making great food at home is easy and safe. Cooks can check the temperature of the meat they're
smoking without opening the door, preventing the escape of precious smoke and moisture.

Ribs, brisket, pork butt and more turn out with smoky greatness. Nearly any wood for smoking - almond
to apple, hickory to oak –helps create succulent food in the high-quality and reliable Masterbuilt Electric
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This should be great thanks Masterbuilt and Jeff 
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Very cool. Will the winner be based on the recipe
 or will it be like a raffle


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I already have Masterbuilt as a "like" on my facebook account. Should I skip #2 and go straight to crossing my fingers?


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Eman's Smoked Shrimp.   MY OWN RECIPE


3 lbs. headless shell on  Or 5 lbs. whole, 16- 25 ct shrimp.

1 1/2 sticks butter. ( 12 tbsp)

1/3 cup worcestershire sauce

1/4 cup (mild to medium) hot sauce

1 tsp. liquid crab boil

1/8 cup cracked black pepper

1/8 cup cayanne pepper

1 tbsp sweet basil

1 tbsp oregano

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp nutmeg.

1 oven / smoker safe shallow baking pan that will hold all the shrimp.


place butter in pan heat on low in oven or smoker till butter is melted ,  Remove from heat and add  worcestershire hot sauce and liquid crab boil to butter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Place Place shrimp in pan and mix well with the butter sauce.

Mix all the dry ingrediants and pour over the shrimp.

 use gloved hands and toss the shrimp untill they are well coated with the seasoning mix.

 preheat my MES to 225° -230° .

Add apple or pecan ( or a mix of both) chips to the chip chute and wait for the unit to start smoking.

Once i start to see smoke i open the MES and slide the pan in on the middle (2nd from top) rack.

Smoke at 220° - 230° untill shrimp turn opaque and curl up (around 45 - 60 min.)

It helps the flavor if you stir and flip the shrimp at around the 25 min . mark.

  Spoon the shrimp into bowls and pour a little of the sauce on top.

 Serve w/ some good crusty french bread (to dip in the sauce ) and a side ceaser salad.

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Bone-In Boston Butt


            *6-12 hrs before-hand I use a yellow mustard to coat the pork then I give it a slathering of my rub. (part cajun seasoning, brown sugar, and good old fashion Lawry’s)

            *Tightly wrap the butt with cling wrap, so as keep everything fresh.


            *Wake up very early!!!

            *Get that ol’ barrel smoker warmed up to 220°. (Low and slow!)

            *Place a pan of ½ apple juice & ½ water in the bottom of the smoker.                                       

            *After hour 2 or 3 I will spray the butt with straight apple juice every hour on the hour.

            *I smoke with natural charcoal, and a mix of apple chips & hickory chips.

            *Smoke at that temp until the center of the pork is 160-170°.

            *I will then stop smoking the meat, and just use the indirect heat from just fuel.

            *When it reached 180, I’ll add the finishing sauce (1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar , 1 Teaspoon Crushed Black Pepper) and wrap in foil to be placed in the smoker or oven for the last hour of cooking. I know most guys say get it to 200°but I’m new to the art of smoking and sometimes have trouble getting my pork butt there. I’ve found that the re-distribution of juices usually seals the deal.

            *After that hour elapses, take the wrapped butt and place it in a cooler (wrapped in towels, of course). Let stand for an additional hour.

Finish: Pull that mother apart, and enjoy. I usually bake up some sweet-potato fries and some drop-biscuits to serve along with the pork.

Hoping this gets the job done, that smoker sure would look nice sitting on my back deck. Thanks for the consideration. 


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E.J.'s  Pulled Pork

1 7-10 pound Boston Butt Shoulder Roast

1 cup you Favorite Pork Rub

1 Bottle Yellow Mustard

1 cup Brown Sugar

Trim excess fat of pork shoulder. Rub your pork with mustard then Rub add a coating of Brown Sugar to the roast them wrap with suran wrap and place in refrigerator for 24-48 hours. Smoke roast in smoker of choice @ 235 degrees adding wood chips of choice to fire for first six hours. When internal temperature of the roast is 175 pull roast and wrap with heavy duty aluminum foil. Place back in smoker or oven until internal temperature reaches 200 degrees. Pull roast and wrap with an old towel and place in a ice chest for 1-2 hours. The shoulder bone should come right out with little to no effort. Take two forks and shred the pork while removing the excess fat. Add finishing sauce below and serve on bun with favorite sauce.


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Here's what I do to soak up some of the heat in my WSM quickly after firing it up - and it's a nice appetizer/lunch for my daytime guests before a rib dinner.  

Around 11am, I'll fire up a chimney full of coals, putting them into the WSM when hot.  I'll add a few more coal lumps on top of the pile to get some additional heat in the WSM, along with a couple chunks of oak.  When it's all closed up, it gets to about 375 (350-400 depending on the day/coals/fate).  

Smoked tri-tip roast and horseradish chevre crostini  (fancy!)

- 3-pack of tri-tip roasts at Costco

- Salt

- Fine black pepper

- Coarse black pepper

- Chevre goat cheese (I use Laura Chennel's since it's cheap at Costco)

- Fresh horseradish (not creamed)

- 2 baguettes

- Olive oil

The night before, I trim the roasts, then rub a good amount of salt and both the fine and coarse pepper.  

When the smoker is loaded up and hot, put the roasts in.  A couple on the bottom, one on the top rack.  

While the roasts are cooking put the chevre in a bowl and mix in horseradish to taste, maybe even a little salt.  Don't be afraid to add a decent amount of horseradish.  Chevre is a great foundation for stronger flavors since it's creamy enough to mellow them out and strong enough to not get overpowered by them.  It's also great with the coarse pepper present on the tri-tip.  

Cut up the baguettes into 1/3 inch slices and put them in a bowl.  Toss with some olive oil for even coverage.  Spread the bread on a baking pan and broil very quickly - just long enough to get your toast on.   

Now spread some of the chevre/horseradish on the toasted side of each piece of bread.  

Head back over the roasts and pull em when the internal temperature hits 125 for medium rare.  Let sit for 15 minutes.  

Slice one tri-tip roast thinly, perpendicular to the grain (I also cut at a 45 degree angle) so you end up with a nice pile of beef.  Cut some of the bigger slices so that they fit neatly on to the bread.  Keep the other 2 roasts off to the side and cut them up as guests get hungry throughout the day.  

Now slap a slice of beef on each piece of bread, serve and get back to work on the ribs. The smoker should be about 225-250 degrees now :)

*optional, arugala or microgreens garnish... but I'm usually working on my ribs for dinner by now and don't care enough to garnish it.  

(and I just "liked" Masterbuilt on Facebook)
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Brisket in the Materbuilt Electric Smoker.

1 Packer Brisket split between flat and point

1 bottle Patriot's BBQ beef and Shoulder rub (or your favorite beef rub)

3 to 6 ounces Spicy Brown Mustard

Apple juice (for basting and bath)

Beer  (for cook and bath)

Trim Brisket to seperate the flat from the point.  Trim fat from the seperated pieces to 1/4 inch or less.   Slather meat with spicy Brown Mustard.   Rub meat generously with the dry rub.   Wrap and let rest for 8 to 12 hours.  Set your Masterbuilt smoker to 230°.  Foil the water tray to make clean up easier.  Add a mixture of hot water, beer, and apple juice to the bath.  Smoke with your favorite woods.  I prefer oak and hickory.  Keep adding small amounts of wood at a time until the meat hits 140° internal.  After hour 2 of the smoke, start spritzing the meat with apple juice every two hours. until the meat hit's 165°.  Foil the meat with one last spritz of the apple juice.  Continue too cook until the internal temp gets to 195°.  Remove from your Masterbuilt smoker and wrap in towels and rest in an insulated container for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Two hours is better.  Slice and enjoy!  Note: Average Briskets time is 13 to 15 hours with a few going longer.  This is only an estimate because every brisket is different.  Cooking by temperature is the only way to cook Brisket properly. 

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OMG!!!!  That is a nice rig.  I'm gonna work on something.  That spicy brown mustard before a rub sounded good.


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Also, I noticed that there are a couple of people here who already have or want the Master Built.  Must have a good reputation.


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Smoked Stuffed Burgers.


6 oz ground beef, no leaner than 85/15

favorite thick BBQ sauce

1  Tbs bread crumbs

1 slice white American Cheese

1 Tbs cream cheese

1 Tbs chopped sauteed onions

1 slice cooked chopped bacon

1/2 Tbs bleu cheese crumbles (optional)

favorite BBQ rub, something with a little kick versus sweet is best.

Combine meat, bread crumbs and a little splash of the sauce and mix with your hands till well mixed. Be gentle or you'll end up with rubber burgers.  Divide it into 3 oz balls and make thin patties out of it. Not too thin and make sure to compress well or you'll have a blowout.

Combine cream cheese, onions bacon and bleu cheese and mix well. Place the mixture in the middle of one of the patties along with the American cheese. It will probably be necessary to fold or tear the American. Make sure the filling and cheese do not extend to the edge of the patty or you won't be able to seal it well.  Place second patty on top and smush the edges together to seal well. Brush the outside with sauce and coat with a moderate coating of rub. 

Smoke at 225 to 250  for 45 minutes to an hour( to internal temp of 160) over whatever wood you prefer. I like something a little harder in flavor like hickory, with maybe a LITTLE mesquite added in, but apple or cherry work good too. 

OPTIONAL: If you want a bit of a glaze on the outside you can brush with sauce every so often during cooking.

Remove from smoker and let rest for a bit so you don't get "cheese explosion" when you break them open.  Serve on bun of choice with your usual condiments although I've found that all you really need is a bit of mayo, maybe some lettuce and of course a slice or two of bacon.


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All of these look excellent! Keep them coming folks.


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Hey Jeff,

What are the rules? Does it have to include the MES? I was thinking of adapting a recipe for cold smoking some vegetables (no it's not lettuce}  ... would that qualify?  Ok... if you knew me at all you would be shocked that I would have anything to do with vegetables... I honestly didn't even know how to spell it (Thank God for spell Checker). I want to make something really different for Thanksgiving.



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Thanks for posting that Bravery, I was wondering about the rules myself, as well as the deadline is it last day of November? When I post my entry can I use more than one picture? I have a recipe in mind and thinking this would be a great opportunity to "christen" my brand new MES!


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That's great Jeff, and thanks to Masterbuilt. I'd try but I just built another smoker and no room forn another one unless I stuck it in the living room.


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Great questions.. the recipes, as I understand it, should be smoking recipes. Ones that could be smoked in a Masterbuilt or any other smoking device. Vegetables should be fine and should I find out that veggies are off limits I will let you know but I seriously doubt it. Vegetables like smoked corn, smoked potatoes, smoked cabbage, etc. are wonderful in the smoker.

I also had a few folks asking about posting multiple recipes.. I am not sure if multiple recipes increase your chance of wining but it will certainly not hurt anything. I say go for it, post any and all smoking recipes.

I will try to clarify the rules over the next few days, until then, post away and be sure to go to the Masterbuilt Facebook page and hit the "Like" button so you will be officially entered to win and they have some pretty interesting stuff going on as well that is fun to stay on top of.

Some great recipes so far!!


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That's great Jeff, and thanks to Masterbuilt. I'd try but I just built another smoker and no room forn another one unless I stuck it in the living room.

Go ahead and try for it, Meateater and if you win, just send it to Pineywoods. He said he had room for another one
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