Masterbuilt slow smoker question

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Jul 29, 2011
St. Petersburg, FL
Ive read here that Masterbuilt slow smoker can be shut off after 10 minutes and it will continue producing smoke.
I just did so and smoke disappeared.

I am wondering if this trick is for wood chips only? I am using pellets.
And now I understand why.
All the pellets disintegrated into soggy mess after absorbing condensation.
Chips are ordered fir next weekend smoking.
I think a lot of folks use pellets and dust with your smoker using the mailbox mod. Might be something you want to look into
Use pellets with a tray or tube .
Don't use them in the smokers chip pan .
Gents, i think you did not get my question.
I was talking about Masterbuilts attachment for cold smoking. Its called slow smoker.

I just got this attachment and used it today for a first time.
I got it specifically to avoid using tray or tube in mailbox mod.
I ordered chips so looking forward for next week session.
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Ok . I thought that at first but then thought other wise . Yes use Chips . I see why you said about shutting it off . I think they can put out heavy smoke .
I had that same setup a few years ago, and you need to keep the cold smoker on & full of wood chips. The next problem you will face is you get a bunch of creosote if you don’t cool the smoke down before it hits the smoker. So I used a length of stove pipe to clean the smoke. Here is a photo of that old setup.

All true, no pellets in that slow smoker attachment. I've been using that for years only with chips or chunks that are no larger than 1"x1". I got the idea of turning it off a few years ago here, cannot remember who recommended it. I turn it on and when it's producing a good amount of smoke, turn off and it keeps smoke going for an hour sometimes. Then I add more and turn back on depending how long I'm cooking. I use that as well as the Amazin tube with pellets. Yes you can leave the ash drawer open slightly to allow more air, but be careful as that often causes a flare up, which you don't want. I use these 2 things as it allows me to use 2 different flavored wood or pellets within the same cook. I also took the cover over the burner of the Smoker and place wood chunks in a tray right on the burner element. Thanks to chopsaw chopsaw Rich for suggesting that a few years ago. That produces a more true wood flavor as well.
So this device shuts of and turns on smoker at desired intervals? Interesting! Thank you!!

I got now what you posted. Different device but pointed me into right direction
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Some use a controller to dial in the smoke you want.
Kurt, I forgot to mention the Router Variable Controller. I have it too and do use it, especially on long cooks. Totally forgot I had it, lol.
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