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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bbqdisc, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Hi I'm thinking of getting a Masterbuilt digital smoker , saw one at Lowe's model 20070511 for a $149 and one on  Amazon model 20070910 for $179 does anyone know the differences

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    I don't know about the 511 model, but you can look at the back of it to see the size of the heating element. It will be either 650 or 800 watts. The 910 model is 800 watts, has an access door to get to the heating element & has the small chip drawer. Masterbuilt will send you out free of charge the larger chip drawer. 
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    Thanks I'll do that for some reason it  won't let me update

    on the 511 it does say 800watts on back of unit I didn't check anything else does the 910 have a meat prob the 511 has one thanks
  4. I just saw the 511 model at Lowes today. It DOES have a temp probe and the larger chip tray. First time I have seen this model. On sale for $149. Might have to pick one up..

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    Well I bought the one at Lowe's yesterday---------------- going to do wings with JH Hot Pecan rub today
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    Excellent! Looking forward to seeing some Q-view!
  7. Was wondering about your comment regarding a larger chip drawer.  I just got a 910 model from  Really like it.  Both of my step-sons have same model and they love theirs.  How do I know if it has the small tray or the larger one and what do I tell them to get the larger tray?
  8. Use the search bar and look for MES or Masterbuilt Retro Chip tray or MES Mods.

    I didn't change mine out because the loader still only lets you put that amount in at one time and I couldn't see any sense in potentially having white billowing smoke.
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