Masterbuilt Gravity 560s on Clearance!!

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Meat Mopper
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Jan 5, 2020
Just found the Masterbuilt 560 Gravity Smokers on clearance for $250 at my local Walmart! I’ve been on the fence about these for a while. Still planning on getting a chargriller 980 but this will allow to test both and do some reviews.

Makes me wonder why these are 50% off though. Gravity’s are getting super popular right now. They coming out with a new model?

If you’re interested go check your local stores I doubt they will last long.

Hmmm, wasn’t thinking of one, but at that price! No wait…..flat too first. Dang it!
I’m about ready to return it. Not the easiest thing to put together. Two of the safety switches were broken. Wiring was messed up and fan wouldn’t start. Masterbuilt said the replacement parts should ship by the end of February. Ended up having to rewire it all myself without the replacement parts. Bypassed the 2 charcoal safety switches and wired the fan directly to the controller. Have a screw holding down the 3rd safety switch in the hood. Not a great first impression but I got it working.
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At $250 (CAD) I'd snag one and reinforce it where it is needed and throw out the switches that will fail. Not at $500 tho.
I have looked all over for these discounts and found nothing lol.

Yup it's really hit or miss at lowes home depot and walmarts. I have also found going in finds em more rather than adds. i don't think they advertise the discounts many times. Honestly, I paid full price for mine and I am still ok with that :<). A 1050 around 500 would be a good deal a 560 around 200-300 would be an ok deal is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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