Maryland group forming come join us

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PrezidentRedz Glad to have recognize the Maryland group there is a great bunch of people on the SMF with all kinds of info on just about anything to do with smoking. Just need to ask and they like photos of what you do. There is more than one way to do so many smoking projects.

Go to roll call and sign on telling us somethings about yourself.
I'm on the other side of the big ditch have been all my life.

I was subscribed to this group, but couldn't post or reply. There doesn't seem to be any way to actually join a group via the mobile version. I finally figured it out after clicking on desktop at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, Frederick checking in :D
Where in Frederick, I lived on West Patrick St. the 200 block across from Barbara Fritchie motel and restaurant.
So you dont have to join groups anymore. Anyone can post and see posts in groups since the forum change.
Yup with the new format of the forum that all changed. But glad to have you on the forum.

Where you located in Md I'm on the Eastern Shore.

Hello fellow Marylanders!!! Smokin in Crisfield!!!!


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Chefjefro1983 Welcome to the group glad to have you. Lot of great guys and gals on here with tons of info. When they changed the forum format we loss the groups but glad to have.

Hey everyone!

Southern MD smoker here! A bit chilly last couple days, but had a great last weekend with 17lbs of PP and a shitload of sides!!

Just picked up a used OK Joe reverse flow from King George, VA that I’m really looking forward to getting acclimated to.

Hope everyone is doin well! Do you guys ever do get togethers?


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Wildewoodbbq Thanks for looking at the thread. There is no longer independent state groups but glad to hear from you. I tried to start a gathering back in 2016 and ended up with it being in PA but feel free to work on it.

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Hello Fellow Marylanders.

Smokin' in Columbia for the past 30 years. Didn't know about this "group" thang. Nice to know there are others with the passion hereabouts.
There are many on here from Maryland welcome to the group. It is not posted as it was on the old system but we try to keep in touch with those from Maryland. In the old system you could go to the Maryland group and see everyone that had posted on there.

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