Marianski sweet Italian .

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Ran out of Italian sausage , and had to buy some the other day . That's enough of that . So I ran out and got a couple pork butts .
I've been using a pre mix from TSM . Italian herb and cheese . It's good , but I wanted a sweet sausage so I went with the Marianski formula , and added to it a bit . I like some anise along with the fennel . He adds caraway in his , which I like , but I also add some ground ginger to it , and some Italian seasoning .
Came out really good . You can't go wrong using the Marianski recipes . I do this over at least 2 days , sometimes 3 .
First day de bone and cut into strips and cubes .
One grind through 1/4 " plate , then I do a loose mix to make sure the fat gets distributed evenly .
Divide and weigh each batch , then cover and in the fridge while I get the spice ready .
Next day after mixing and in the fridge over night .
getting ready to stuff .
Got my casing bucket out of the fridge . Stored wet , I reached in and pulled one out .
The last one . Good thing I only had 4 pounds .
Everything loaded up and ready to go .
Gonna be close .
Got 15 links . Perfect amount . Be 3 suppers for use .
Just made it .
Since this had already been in the fridge overnight ,
I figured I'd keep 5 out for supper . The rest will be frozen in 2 batches of 5 .
I leave them linked up for this .
This is how I cook these . Gives great results . That's a good jarred sauce .
I use that or Rao's when we don't make it .
Little olive oil in the pan and just put some color on both sides .
This is to cook the casings , Not for looks . Keeps the casings from being chewy .
First flip .
Then I flip again , and pour the sauce over , and
put the lid on . Just a simmer .
The sausage comes out perfect , and adds flavor to the sauce .
Had some fresh Italian bread and a salad to go with it .
Just a simple plate , but really good eats .

Way better than store bought .
Looks really tasty! And definitely has to be better than store bought! Never had sweet italian... not sure if I'd like them, the anise and fennel gets pretty strong for my tastes. Thought about trying store bought but haven't for the same reason you're making your own lol!

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Good looking stuff Chop. We love out sweet Italian sausage around here. I cook and serve it exactly as you did. Those links also make a great sandwich with the marinara and some parm or mozz cheese. Nice job sir!!

And that's how it's done. :emoji_thumbsup: I like using scratch recipes for the same reason, you can tickle the ingredients and control the fat. It looks like you have the assembly line situation under control.

If you have the Rytek Kutas book, check out the Sicilian Italian recipe. It leans toward a sweeter Italian with the addition of dextrose, but calls for ice cold wine instead of icy water (I use Pinot Grigio)... and gets a flavor bump with romano cheese at the rate of about 1T per pound of meat. This combination is a different type of sweet.
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Looking good and that's the best way to have them; sauce and pasta!
I only package with 2 or 3 links per. Guess we're not big eaters..
One of these days I need to check out Marianski.
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Looks great! Man i love all Italian sausage. i can never decide what to buy cuz I love them all.
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Beautiful looking links Rich, my papa would have regarded that plate as Sicilian Penicillin, nice piece of work, Like! I gave up on mixing my own sausage spices about 15 years back after the first time I used the 260-B Italian sausage mixture from PS Seasonings. I like to add in a bottle of ice cold cabernet and a knob of chopped garlic to a 25 pound batch, usually vac-seal 2-3 links to a pack.
Looks delicious.
Thanks . It's pretty good .

Never had sweet italian... not sure if I'd like them, the anise and fennel gets pretty strong for my tastes.
Lack of red pepper is why it's called sweet . I usually add red pepper , but skipped it this time . You probably know that though .
I like to taste the fennel in this type . Been making the herb and cheese , so this was a nice change . Thanks for lookin .
Nice links chop! Nice color!
Thanks bud . This was a Smithfield pork butt . Had a nice lean to fat ratio and not much nasty to trim off . Good quality meat . It was $2.50 a pound , but you can't buy good sausage for that price .

Way better, taste better, looks better.

Nice job.
Thanks for the comment . I have everything set up , and pretty much at arms reach . Fridge space to hold the mixing bowls , and all my sausage stuff has it's own shelf space . Clean as I go and don't get in a hurry . Makes a good end result .
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The sausage fest continues! Looks killer Rich!!! The sear and cook in the sauce is EXACTLY how our italian friend does hers too. Kind of a reverse german sausage cook if you will. IMO there is something magic going on with the pork and sauce. Spices too, sure but the pork adds some umami or mouth feel or something to the sauce.

OMG you guys with your italian tweaks! Adding wine/cheese/etc to your formulations sounds incredible.
And that's how it's done. :emoji_thumbsup:
Thanks for the comment .

If you have the Rytek Kutas book, check out the Sicilian Italian recipe.
I do , and I will .
I've been making an Herb and cheese mix from TSM . Cubed motz . and fresh grated romano and white wine . It's loaded with flavor .

I do add some dextrose to help with browning without making it to sweet . Do the same with breakfast sausage . The other half of this butt went to hot pork sausage .
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Looking good and that's the best way to have
Thanks Dan .

One of these days I need to check out Marianski.
You really should . I have 2 of his books and look at the web site all the time . I've made several sausages from his info . All good . One thing I notice , is he keeps it simple and the small batches are perfect . You're not trying to break down a 10 pound measurement into a 2 pound batch .

Looks great! Man i love all Italian sausage.
Me too Sandy . A lot of regional styles of Italian sausage .
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