Mali Gourmet Lump review

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by glenn_s, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. glenn_s

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    I came across some of the US made Mali Goumet Lump and thought I would pass along a review.

    Basically, this stuff ROCKS! As the review on Nakedwhiz says, almost no ash and the burn time was fantastic. I didn't measure, but it looked to be less than 2 cups of dust and too small pieces. I would rank 80% of the bag as med to large pieces.

    I did 3 different smokes today, 2 rib cooks and a separate bologna cook all on about 7 pounds in a leaky Chargriller. Temps held perfect from about 10:00 am until now and it is still burning at 10:46 pm.

    Picked up 4 10lb bags at $5.99 each on sale and I plan to go back for more. I have been using the Royal Oak Steakhouse Lump and this is yet another step up.

  2. bearmoe

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    Excellent choice! I usually buy Malis at SYSCO based in Salamanca, NY. SYSCO has a store in Tonawanda, NY near me. Since I live in Amherst, NY, where Malis is, I have a local connection. I love to support local business, as long as the quality is there. Quality is certainly there in this case. I usually buy 20lb bags.

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