Making dust from pellets...

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How high do you guys fill the tray with the dust? To the top? Halfway
I fill each row being used about 3/4 lightly packed. Don't want too high just in case an ember would jump rows.
I dry my soaked pellets on a couple sheet pans in my MES 40 instead of the oven.
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I had an open large bag of pecan pellets accidentally get wet when I left it in the back of my truck. No drying them out. They absorbed the water, bag expanded, and I ended up with saw dust. I kept it and use it. Makes great smoke for a longer time in my set up. Happy accident!

This was my EXACT method of making dust
Add hot tap water to the pellets.... Cover them.... They will expand like an accordion and fall apart...

Evening... My last batch a few weeks ago, was made from about 1# of pellets... 200 + 200 + 100 grams... soaked for about 10 minutes in hot tap water.... stirred only with a big spoon... decanted the water... spread evenly on a 1/4 or 1/2 sheet pan and in the smoker or oven at 250-275 for a couple three hours... Do not put in a blender... makes too many fines...

The way I do it, thanks to Dave.
I know this is an old post but do people use cob bedding in their smoke tubes. And what flavor does it add to what your smoking
I haven't yet , but yes some do . It's a certain brand though . Should be some threads on it here if you do a search.
Yep... Many folks on here do....

May want to check if you have a TSC in your area. That's where some were purchasing. Unfortunately ours does not so can't experiment.
There are a lot of corn farmers here and many burn cob. The smell is very nostalgic to me. I think it adds a rustic or what I call a farmhouse character to things. I blend with pitmasters choice, apple, and oak like a farmer would use just whatever he has on hand. Winterrider Winterrider shoot me a PM.
I've had this thread bookmarked for a while, and just now getting around to it. I'm looking for a lighter smoke profile out of the ammo can mod for my MES. So far I've had mixed success. I'm in the middle of making dust from cob bedding and cherry pellets, and as usual I learn things by trial and error, focus on error. I didn't realize just how much dust I was going to end with from the amount of pellets I used :emoji_astonished::emoji_astonished: 3 cups of cob to 1 cup of cherry. Watered and stirred to what I felt was a good consistency and had enough to fill 3-4 17" sheet pans rather full. That said, I filled up the two I had and let it go in the oven at 250 for a few hours, still damp but had expanded a bit. Stirred them up and put them back in bumping the oven up to 265. Too hot.... got a little smoke from the paper towels so I pulled those out and put the "dust to be" back on the cookie sheets, but I tossed one and split the remaining between the two. Much more manageable. So far so good. Has a nice texture to it, not too fine. Didn't take any pics, but I'll get one or two of the finished product.
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Here ya go, but did forget to take a pic of the maze before I dumped it this morning. It burned two rows in about two hours, which seems a bit fast. It is going to need help drafting out the top as the smoke was stacking up in the MES. I'm going to rig up a variable speed fan set up like a venturi. That and I'm going to increase the size of my ammo can.

Also, if you turn the heat, on it will increase the draft... You can turn it off after a bit so the smoker doesn't heat up too much...
Check the weight of the maze loaded... a loaded maze with pellets weighs ~450 grams.. You will be burning less weight in dust = a less dense smoke... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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