Low temp smoking with MES 30

Discussion in 'Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) Owners' started by keoni, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. keoni

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    Tried smoking some salmon at 165 degrees.  It smoked for the 1st 20min. then it stopped smoking.  I looked at the chips and they were only 1/2 burnt.  what gives?
  2. c farmer

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  3. tymidga

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    I bought an MES40 last week and noticed at low temps the heating element doesn't come on much.  So once the box heats up you're not going to get more smoke till the temp drops and the heating element kicks on again.  Just my guess.
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    The MES30 is pretty well insulated. Without an aux smoke generator, you're not going to get much smoke using the chip tray at such a low temp.
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  5. cmurf70

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    What about leaving the front door cracked open an inch or so? With the door closed the element rarely comes on to ignite the wood. I dont have a damper just a small 1/2" hole in the back.
  6. cmayna

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    What type of smoker do you have?   For low temp smoking, I would go with what c farmer recommended above.  I smoke a lot of Salmon at 125,  145 and then 160 degrees.  I use the AMNPS or AMNTS smoke generator.
  7. cmurf70

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    Masterbuilt 30. I am going to get one of the Amazen trays. We'll see how that works.
  8. Just got the bluetooth model... mistake, but that's another thread. 

    I couldn't get any smoke at low temps... so, I removed the little rack that the wood chip tray slides over and let the tray sit directly on the heating element. Problem solved. I have ordered an Amazen tube, so hope to use it for low-temps... and leave the rack in place, as it works fine at higher temps.

  9. mawil1013

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    I read an article that the lower the temp, you need to switch to sawdust from chips, the low temp doesn't get the chips going as easy as sawdust can. and probably 1/4 cup of sawdust equals 1/2 cup of chips or you could weight the chips to see how much weight of sawdust to use.
  10. I have the bluetooth 30" model combined with the mailbox mod. Absolutely love it. 
  11. Update:

    While placing the chip tray right on the heating element worked, I no longer use the chip tray at all. I only use the tube set in the bottom of the unit, or on the lower rack, depending on the situation. I have both the 6" and 12" tubes and use them ALL the time. For me, the combination of the electric MES, amazen' smoker tubes, and wireless thermometer have been the magic combination for making smoking about as easy as it can get.  I was disappointed in the amazen' tray... not that it doesn't work, but that I like the tubes so well... and I also never use the bluetooth functionality of the MES. Those are my only two of my "lessons learned". I've had many, but those are two at least worth mentioning. Bluetooth isn't that valuable to me, in that if you're within' 30 feet of the smoker, you aren't really all that "remote" to begin with. A wireless option without the 30' limit would be great.

  12. mawil1013

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    Has anyone determined the internal cooker temperature with just the Amaz-en running, no other heat source?
  13. cmurf70

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    Around 100f depending on external temp and smoker model.
  14. bearcarver

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    I never use the "Bluetooth" capability on my MES 40 Gen #2.5 either----I don't have anything to use it with, but I go out there now & then to check on things anyway, so I can use the controls on the smoker when I need to.

    That would depend on what smoker you have it in, and how close it is to the meat, but not enough heat to cook anything.

    If you want to "Cold Smoke" with it in. you can always put a Plastic jug of water "Frozen" into the smoker too.


  15. mawil1013

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    Hummm, ice, ice, baby, nice suggestion, similar to the old Brinkman Smokers, when everyone put a water pan of cold water in and then couldn't understand why it wasn't heating up! I just ordered an A-Maze-n 5x8 off Amazon for $24 with free shipping ought to help too.
  16. bearcarver

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    Yup----With am MES type smoker, if you need to cool things down a bit, putting ice in the water pan causes too much Humidity, but if the ice is inside a big Jug or Two that problem is solved.

  17. mawil1013

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  18. bearcarver

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    Here's what I do for cold smoking.

    Cheese is the only thing I cold smoke any more, but this is how I do it:

    This Pic is from my old MES 30, with the Jug of frozen water (3/4 full):

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  19. mawil1013

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    Nice set up, I'm rounding up every thing needed for first time doing andouille,
  20. bearcarver

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