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More Andouille

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Got a 9 pounder thawing for some smoked Andouille. Not sure yet if i wanna cut any gator in with it.



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oh oh I'm in for this one popcorn.gif

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I'm numb................hehehahahlalahohoohdodoloolooloo   drool.gif



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What recipe are you using?

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Love your sausage posts! 

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I deviated some here and got 2, 5 lbs batches


First rinse the meat off good. See the clot on the corner? Cut it off and toss it




Now start to take the blade out. De boning




See the blade of my knife, Thats a fat line. I want that




After de boning and you got chunks. Wash the meat again just in case you sliced some bone.


The left bowl is pretty lean, little blue bowl is garbage....toss it...Green  bowl is my fat cut. The double X if for the handler....HAHA




Do your parts a favor and grease em up some before the grind. You will not taste the Crisco.




The medium grind.




Fat grind is course.




Going to do 5 lbs of Andouille




After you got the grinding done. Do yourself, family and friends another favor and clean and sanitize everything.

Use the heat setting on your dishwasher. The heat is what will kill any nastys.




Spray everything down, use a paper towel and let it dry good.




After its all dry i even use one of these.




Here is the Andouille all mixed



And a taste




Then the other 5 lbs im going with AC Smoked Kielbasa








And another taste.




Both are ready to go.



No its not for the cure to work. I just dont have time tonight.










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sure is looking good


great info on keeping safethumb1.gif

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Looking forward to seeing the rest!!! 

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Looks good so far Rick!

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That is my kind of sausage...and Beer...

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Nepas, Did that bottle of Andouille seasoning come from Penzey's?

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Originally Posted by Billdawg View Post

Nepas, Did that bottle of Andouille seasoning come from Penzey's?

From here in Savannah. I go right to the place to buy it.



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Great post Rick and thanks for posting the sanitation piece too.  

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Man that looks great nice job... bet that will be tasty..



                               Have fun and Happy smoking

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Great post Rick and thanks for posting the sanitation piece too.  

X 2.
Great tutorial. Looking forward to see the stuffing and smoking process.
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Thanks for the great tutorial and all the info. 

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Had to look Andouille up, not done down here .Looks great, your set out makes perfect sense. I assume its got French origins,Im ready for the next class.

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Mmmmm! 439.gifpopcorn.gif

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Your sausage looks awesome but now put it into casings will ya. Now my house might look like that tomorrow or maybe the next day. I have abput 40lbs of butts hanging in the frig just waiting on me.

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