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Low sodium bbq?


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So recently my blood pressure has been high and have been put on a low sodium diet. I'm not going to stop smoking meats... so I figured I would see what kind of ideas everyone has for this. If anyone has any recommendations for lower sodium recipes that still taste good. I would love to hear them . Thanks


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Ive done low sodium at times when I am doing a lot of cooking and my body is saying to back off. I actually think its pretty good and satisfying. If you google low sodium herb rubs you will find a lot of recipes or you can just go to grocery store and get Mrs Dash herb rubs. As example, when Ive done low sodium with red meat I like Herbs de Province. Save whatever sodium you will add until its cooked and plated to get the salt flavor, but drastically reduced. Be careful of bottled sauces, there are a lot of healthier options out there now, but usually high in sugar and sodium.

Also, I havent done this yet, but thirdeye thirdeye mentioned in response to an MSG question I had yesterday that "Accent", or MSG, is low sodium and provides the same benefit to a cook. Im planning on mixing Accent 50/50 with salt to reduce sodium and help flavor. This may be something to research a bit more since your situation is medical and my question was more about flavor.

Good luck! I'll keep my eyes open for something low sodium to pass on, but a Mrs Dash Chipotle run is a decent quick option for now though!


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This is the second post I've seen today about lower sodium ideas. It's good to see I'm not alone in dealing with it!
After the Mrs had an issue a year ago and had to limit her sodium I stopped using salt in my rubs, sauces and most recipes. I doesn't take long to not miss it at all.
The salt substitutes (potassium chloride) work for some things in small amounts.
I use a bit of Accent/MSG in sausage to make up for the salt I cut back on.
A lot of things (like bread) don't really need salt.
Become a serious label reader. You'll be surprised!
Good luck and be well!


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Salt is in so many things we don't realize, and don't really know the amounts. Learning to read the nutritional information labels is a great start to educate yourself on a variety of things.... one of which is sodium.

Another tip is to replace salt with flavor. Complete Seasoning by Badia has 90mg of sodium in a 1/4 teaspoon serving. It's really good on eggs, veggies, salads, fish etc. Kirkland (Costco) Organic No-Salt Seasoning contains 21spices and ingredients, and no salt. Using products like this can cut a lot of 'cooking salt' and 'table salt' out of your diet.

In some things, I've found a little heat like cayenne will over-ride the need for salt. Also, do some research into Redmond Real Salt. It's not processed and contains trace minerals. I've read statements from the company and testimonials that were interesting.


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I use little to no salt in just about everything I cook/smoke.
I'm on this band wagon. There is already too much salt on most things you buy. The only thing we put salt on is the meat I smoke and use very little. Once you stop, it is easy to not add it to food. Things you buy already have too much.


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I picked up some no sodium rubs from some local BBQ tv personalities. They are named Mad Dog & Merrill. We have use the citrus run a bunch on fish and pork lately. It really adds some great flavor.


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