Look at this gizmo.

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Since we are talking Blackstone, we bought a 22 " adventure ready to take along in the camper. Currently don't need a stand or table for it... it's sitting on top of the 36" Blackstone in the garage!
CRAP! Now it's like Raisin Bran... I need 2 scoops!

I'll have to look into that toy / tool (depending if you ask wife or me).
I can see it being very practical.

My list for Feb. so far .
Butchers twine - Me
Another set of Berwin knives - whoever started that " cheap knife " thread .
100' roll of 11" vac bags on a box with a cutter . - Winterrider
LEM Vacmax 100 - normanaj

End of Dec.
Sondiko Blow torch -Sawhorse Ray
Gadget for holding temp probes -Chasdev

and so on .
I'm way ahead of you
Since Nov
Sony big screen TV (me)
Electric piano (wife)
(OK those 2 don't count against SMF enablers, but don't go near Costco on Black Friday)
Cabelas vac sealer ( HalfSmoked HalfSmoked )
Weston meat grinder ( DougE DougE )
Thermo Works Signals + more probes and case (?)
Torch (original enabler was Chris_in_SoCal Chris_in_SoCal )
Banneton (Thanks Rick BGKYSmoker BGKYSmoker for getting me back into sourdough)
I'm sure there is more, but that's off the top of my head.

The best was my wife last summer after she got a rather large mail order,
"You need to spend more money on yourself".
Since Nov
Sony big screen TV (me)
Back in Sept. I bought a 65" Sony Bravia X90L , Sony AT5000 soundbar and the wireless sub and rear speakers . I love it .

Just one ?
Don't forget the rice flour , and the 100 pounds of bread flour .
way ahead of you
Since Nov...
This should literally be its own thread. A running tally of SMF enabled purchases. 🤣

So far since joining a scant month ago I'm at:
- Omega Juicer
- Sondiko torch (for literally no reason other than I thought it was fun)
- have a friend in Montana smuggling me back 12 litres of Kitchen basics veg stock for daveomak daveomak 's ham recipe - also bought the last 3 available in Canada before they stopped selling it here.
- bag of pellets just for making pellet dust

However the forum did dissuade me from buying a Dry Ager (TM) and building my own saving about $4k so really I've basically saved money by joining!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we don't get the Amazon deals in the People's Republic of Canada that you guys do. Those knives are like $150 here. So that helps a bit 🤣
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Steve is it sturdy enough to do the smash burger thing too?
Got mine today. Same Black stone quality. But, I wouldn't use it for smashing burgers. Bit of flex in the handle. Which. I'd guess. Would cause metal fatigue. And cracks.
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