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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 3montes, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. 3montes

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    I did a cook for about 125 people this weekend. A attendee there is standing ready to  buy my AZ BBQ Outfitters trailer rig. I'm not happy with the vertical smoker on it. Has some design flaws that are bothersome to me. I told the guy I need to look into what having another one built the way I want would cost before I would sell mine.. I want to ditch the vertical and go to a horizontal with a wood fired grill mounted on the trailer with it. Lone Star Grillz seems to have the ability to make what I'm looking for. Anyone have any experience or know of anyone who has a Lone Star?
  2. chef jimmyj

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    What are the issues with the AZ vertical? I have looked at both companies and both had good reports...JJ
  3. 3montes

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    It runs hot on the left side because the exhaust is mounted on the left side drawing all the heat over to that side and out. Should have centered it on the top of the unit. It is baffled but the largest holes in the baffle are also on the left side. I could try to modify it in some way I suppose but don't feel I should have to.

    If you have a full load in it (28 racks of ribs) like I did this weekend it blocks the heat from rising up through the grates forcing even more of the heat to the left side. The result is I'm constantly shifting racks from top to bottom and having to spin them from left to right.

    I had ribs that were completely charred on the left side and had to cut 2 or 3 bones worth of ribs off the left side and toss them and thats with very constant attention being payed to them.

    Bottom line is you have to be constantly hovering over it removing racks and moving them. Obviously this means the door is open a lot while playing Rubiks cube with the racks adding considerable cook time.

    I have another trailer rig that's a horizontal with tuning plates that cooks perfectly without all the rack switching. That's what I want to go back to. It just doesn't have the capacity of the vertical.

    Also the racks in the vertical have a tendency to get themselves just a hair sideways while sliding them back in. They lock themselves in place solidly. So I have to have a screwdriver to pry it in there to get them straight in the rack guides so they will slide back out. This happened 3 different times Saturday. Not sure how it happens as I slide them in carefully but when I go to pull them back out they are jammed.

    Arizona BBQ Outfitters is a great company I'm not bashing them. The Santa Maria is awesome. I just think the Santa Maria builds  are their forte but they need to redesign the vertical.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Ok, looking again, your problems make sense. I looked real hard at Lonestar's Insulated Vertical Smoker. It is huge and the heat comes up both sides of the drip/water pan and the exhaust is centered. Pitmaker has some nice stuff but Big $$$...JJ
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  5. 3montes

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    The more I look at the Lone Star horizontal the the more I like what I see. I like the idea of the option of adding water in the cook chamber. His wood fired grills look nice as well. I will be calling them today to discuss my ideas and see what kind of a price we are looking at.

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