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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Sep 26, 2006
Once again I demonstrate my computardedness. I'm having difficulty loading an avatar from my computer. Evidently the size of the photo file is too big. Can someone kinda help walk me through it? Remember to be patient if you can, I'm computationally challenged.

DDBBQ, what program are you using to resize your images? If you don't know or are having problems running what you have I can't recommend the Microsoft Image Re-sizer posted in the Messages for All Members section enough. Very simple to run.

Here is a link: Microsoft Image Re-sizer

With that program select your pic, select custom size, Jeff's max for avatars is 120x120, then okay. Also must end up no bigger than 20 KB.

Hope this helps! If not let me know and we'll get more serious.

BTW, that re-sizer is a fast download.
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