Live-updates: setting up first smoker and smoking a pulled pork shoulder!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ewanjackson, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. OK so after asking for advice on this forum, and unboxing (thread link) my WSM 18.5" (47cm) yesterday - the day has come to smoke my first joint of meat.

    I'm basically following the below starter guide, minus the injection part as I haven't got one yet!

    I'm going to cook a relatively small 2kg (4.5lb) shoulder as I have no idea how it is going to turn out...

    Just about to set up the Maverick 733 - hopefully it's fairly easy.
  2. And just like that, the great British weather just went from sunny skies to hailstones in less than 10 minutes! Great [​IMG]

  3. bruno994

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    You've got meat and a smoker, you're off to a great start!
  4. Guys look at this rainbow.... that must be a good sign!! [​IMG]

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  5. sota d

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    The good Lord himself has given you the thumbs up-go for it!
  6. Ok so the chimney turned out to be harder than expected to light! Currently waiting for it to heat up a bit
  7. Ok chimney didn't light.... Sigh
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  9. sota d

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    Sorry, I use electric and gas. Anyone out there got some advice?
  10. gunkle

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    Search on here for the "minion method". It's a tried and true way to load you basket and get the charcoal up to temp. As far as the chimney watch for to much wind I find that starting it and resting it in my drum while it does its thing helps when is windy. Look into the weber fire starters they are 1 inch square waxy cubes and they stay lit for about 5 minutes. Only need to light 6 to 10 pieces of charcoal using the minion method.
  11. Put a little vegetable oil on the papers. Pack the papers fairly tight but still leave some room for air.
  12. I'm using the minion method in the smoker itself, just the chimney was a ball ache! Second attempt about 8 of the coals were lit, and a few others were turning white. Currently put it all together and the heat is rising according to my Maverick 733!! Happy for now
  13. Thanks for the help folks, the oil sounds like a good idea next time.

    Currently at 108 F and rising slowly.

  14. timberjet

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    Looks like you got it going. I would venture to guess your charcoal might have been a little damp. As someone mentioned a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil helps quite a bit. Do you have temperature probes so you can dial in the smoker temp. and meat temp. as those are the two most important things to have nailed down to get perfect pulled pork. That looks like a pretty good piece of meat there.
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    Oh ok I see the wires now. Remember, if your looking you aint cooking. It will take 2 hours per pound or a little over 4 per KG at 225 F. Then a couple hours rest wrapped up in foil with some liquid of your choice. Apple juice is my goto for this.
  16. Yeah I have the Maverick 733 currently set up. Just put the meat on the smoker and I'm now just going to leave it be. Rub is literally just a basic jerk rub, paprika, chilli etc - literally just want to test the smoker out, not go for world championship flavouring right now!

    Maverick 733 doing its job nicely. Top temp for the meat and bottom for the smoker itself. The smoker temp probe is about 2 inch from the meat and 3 inch from the side - I've read up about the cold air around the meat that can negatively affect the probe.

    Hopefully all should be good for now!

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  17. timberjet

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    This is a very good tutorial that will give you excellent pulled pork every time. I don't like that recipe that weber has there. Pork Butt needs more time to rest and I don't trim much fat off as that is where the moisture and flavor comes from. Plus I don't find you get enough fat rendering at 190 F. internal. I take mine to 205 and most times I will foil at 165 to help it get through the stall a little quicker. Anyway here is Bear's step by step and it is very popular on this site. Foolproof!
  18. timberjet

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    One more thing. If you let your smoker get up to temp before you put the meat in you will get less undesirable white smoke flavor at the start of your cook. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to accomplish this. Happy smoking and congrats on your new smoker!

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