Little emotional

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jul 21, 2019
West Virginia
I’m a little emotional today. I just passed my MBES on to my baby brother. I’ve got my gravity series now and don’t really need to cook more than I can fit on it. If I do I can always barrow it back. It gave me a good decade. Hopefully it will give him the same. The only smoker he’s used so far is a tiny little thing on the bottom of a combo gas, charcoal, and electric smoker grill. This will give him more space to play with and actual temperature control. I realize a ten year old used smoker isn’t the fanciest gift but I made a lot of good memories with that grill. I learned a lot on it, made a lot of good food and hopefully he will to.
Yep I gave my MES 30 to my future SIL a couple of months ago. Sad but proud moment. He's turned out a couple of good pork tenderloins so far. Hope he continues to use it and grow !
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Best gift you can give in my opinion. No better way to get in the hobby than a free smoker. I’m sure he’s more than happy.
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...I just passed my MBES on to my baby brother...
Good deal. Now that I've got my new offset, I'm trying to decide what to do with my Oklahoma Joe offset. My son-in-law wants it, but realistically he'll never use it. They only live a couple of blocks away and I do all the cooking so they come here almost every day. Besides, he works 6 days a week, when is he going to have the time?
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