Last min thanksgiving HELP!

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Dec 25, 2012
Waukesha wi.
Maybe someone could help me, I put my turkey in the smoker at 9:00am (now 9:45) ,smoker is at 175, just getting up to temp, I now find out my guests won't be here till 3 , I've got 2 water pans in the smoker, I was thinking I could smoke at 200 and at noon cover and finish at 200 , depending on what internal temp is.... hAs anyone done a 6 hour cook on a turkey?
First of all that temp is way too low for smoking a turkey.

What size bird do you have?

You should be smoking it at a minimum of 225 for a small 10-12 lb bird.

Anything larger than that should be smoked at higher temps, anywhere from 275-325.

A six hour smoke for a large turkey is quite normal.

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Al, thank you! It's a 16lb bird, I'll bump it up to 275, I'll just cover it and let it settle till we eat.
Do u think I should remove smoke after 3 hours?
I just let the smoke roll the whole time.

Turkeys are so big that only the outer 1/2" or so will get a smoke flavor.

Then you have a lot of meat inside without any smoke ever getting to it.

So in my opinion you really can't get too much smoke on a turkey.

I have a stick burner so in my case there is always smoke.

I put 2 16lb turkeys in smoker at 9:00am. Temp has been steady at 225. The internal temps are already at 145 & 153. Not eating till 4! Will I hit a cooking lull???? I have kept smoke for 2 hours with a pan of water. Suggestions????
That is pretty unusual.

I think I would try to move the probes to another spot, it sounds like your not in the thickest part of the breast.

If you are in the right place, & the birds get done early, just tent them with foil & they will stay hot for a couple of hours.

Even if they cool down, a dousing of hot gravy will do the trick.

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