Lang 60" Smoker w/24" Charcoal Grill on Trailer

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    ****  SMOKER SOLD ****


    Lang 60 Smoker w/Charcoal Grill, 4 years old. Great condition, but the paint on the fire box has come off and the box has a coat of rust on the exterior. If you look at the website you can learn more about this model:

    This is a wood burning, reverse flow smoker. The website says it can hold up to 20 pork butts, I can vouch for this. It has brought my team a Grand Champion win at a local BBQ competition near Charlotte, NC.

    We have gotten a lot of use out of this smoker, we love it, it is practically a member of the family (has its own spot in our garage while I park my car in the driveway). My wife and I were surprised to learn we are pregnant with #4 AND #5 and see this hobby going on hold for the next several years.

    $3,100 or best offer. I have attached a few pictures, email me for more.

    I am located outside Charlotte, NC.  I am happy to drive it within an hour or two of Charlotte, otherwise pick-up only.  Cash only.
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    Nice looking rig! Wish i had the money. Is the standing shelf in the main chamber removable?
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    Shelf is removable.  It sits on 4 legs that are placed on the lower shelf.  It is nice because you can slide it down to one side or the other depending on what you are cooking... or take it out altogether and there are no "rails" left in your way.

    I have heard Lang doesn't make them like this any more.  I think it is two channels or rails that hold the upper shelf and it can slide in and out...

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