Labor Day St. Louis Ribs with Q-View

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  1. So today was Labor Day and to celebrate I decided to smoke some ribs. Usually I think ahead a day or two and have a nice rack rubbed and ready in the fridge overnight. But remember this is Labor Day, and I am suppose to relax and take it easy, so I sent the wife to the store (she will never turn down a chance to shop) to pick up a slab of ribs. She returned 2 hours later with a nice slab of St. Louis Cut Ribs and said "don't overcook them like last time". I admit, I may have left the ribs in the foil a bit too long last time (two hours) so I decided I would try skipping that step this time.

    A simple dry rub of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic salt and sweet paprika and into the pellet smoker they went. I used a mix of hickory/oak/cherry pellets and set the temp to 225 degrees. After 2 hours I turned the temp up to 250 degrees. Two hours later I turned it up to 275 degrees and brushed them with my home made cherry cola BBQ sauce. After 30 minutes I added a couple ears of Minnesota Sweet Corn and brushed the ribs with a little more sauce. After 30 more minutes dinner was ready! The ribs were tender, but not falling off the bone tender, they still had a bit of bite to them...just the way my wife likes them! Five hours from start to finish, no overnight rub or foil needed. 
  2. Very nice - great looking ribs!
  3. Those look great to me, nice job!

    I've found myself asking my friends and family "how do you like them? Wet/dry? Mild/spicy? Fall off the bone/mild tug with a nice bite?.... Each person asked has a different reply!

    Me personally? I like just about all of them [​IMG]

  4. Looks like a fine meal to me!  [​IMG]   Nice smoke  [​IMG]

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