KeeWifi Easy BBQ Bluetooth Device

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Jan 4, 2017
Panama City, Florida
This is kind of an interesting WiFi thermometer.  First, this is being sold on a website called MassDrop.  You have to become a member of this site to purchase anything.  They operate on volume purchases to get the best price.  This might turn some off, but so be it.  I have purchased items from them to include this thermometer.   This listing is for three different levels of probes.  A simple remote, a remote with a cable on a sensor, and a base station with two probes.  I purchased the later and have used it a few times.  It works pretty good, even though the base station is a very bare bones, pretty much all plastic device.  It does support 6 probes though!  The remote is an app on your cell phone.  It's not bad.  A lot of presets to include cold smoke settings.  You can dial in your own settings if you wish.  You can also set a single reminder.  The big question is distance.  With my cell phone it doesn't appear to be very far, but my smoker is fairly close to where I sit in the house, so I connect OK.  If I go to the bathroom I lose the signal.  The app, however, does alert you to the lost signal.  Price on this was about $45.  I consider that throw away money to test new devices.  I have ordered the single probe with no wires on this drop.  I plan on testing that on a rotisserie cook with a pork tenderloin.  I'll report back on that.  If you are interested, don't wait too long.  This drop ends in four days. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.