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  1. SO i start the fire with charcoal

    "after i have added a baffle and tuner plates

     put in a better thermo

    and lowered the chimley to just above the grill

     got a basket to hold the charcoal together

    for a better fire"

     then i add the wood??

     and they wood be sticks  about 3" diameter

     or less??

     gotta get this right cause i bought a chargriller  1224

     an my wife is really P.R. OFF

     oh yeah .... where does the water come into the program

     sorry that's 2 questions..................................................sue me lol
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  2. realtorterry

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    So it sounds like your there. First thing I would do is TEST that new therm. Use the boiling water test at 212. If you don't have a chimney starter you might want to look into it for starting your charcoal. Load the charcoal basket with your preference of charcoal/lump. Once the charcoal in the chimney is ready put it over the basket. Open all you vents until you get the temp. up. Once its up close ONLY the firebox vent halfway until you get the temp dialed in by either opening more or closing more.

    Once you get the temp stable you can use whatever you have, chips, chunks, splits? Put them somewhat off to the side to smolder NOT catch fire. That will give you the TBS your looking for not the bellowing white. Once you get some good TBS flowing get your meat on & go man go!!

    Then DON"T forget the qview
  3. You don't need any water.
  4. flash

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    Water usually helps stabilize spikes in temperature and add a little moisture (very little). However this applies more to Vertical smokes that Horizontal styles.
  5. AHhhhhh OK then thanx
  6. michael ark

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    Show her the price of a stubbs or backwoods.[​IMG]with the[​IMG]

    but i just bought a 4 burner grill

     and a true north smoker

     and now the chargriller that i wanted from the get go

     the only good part of the whole thing is................she won't talk to me!!

     there is a God an he smokes ribs
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    LOL.... sorry got a good laugh out of the wife logic!

    When I had my chargriller I usually would just buy the chunked wood (not chips) at Home Depot and toss 3 to 5 chunks on about 5-10 minutes before you put the meat on. Like flash mentioned you don't need a water pan with a horizontal offset smoker. Also keep in mind that your therms. in the lid are just a referance point for what your smoking chamber temp is at (± 10° or so), you will still need to cook the meat according to internal meat temps, not time.
  9. Gotcha i have beeen doing just that cause i hate getting stomach pumped ........waste of food

     used to be institutional cook practised on the insane
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    LMAO at the wifey comment...yeah, what's the downside to that one? Keep buying gear, maybe she'll give up the eye rolls at ya

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