Plan 9 from outer space (Grand Champ XD) heat baffle.

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Jan 18, 2020
Based on a YouTube tutorial, which advised using a heat baffe to direct the firebox production upward instead of down (which is how I have been doing all my "testing"), I found that the stock baffle can be turned upside down with the opening at the top and that the charcoal tray can slide over to hold it in place.
I ran a burn test, wood only no lump or briquettes, and it seems to work.
Started with a large fire to quickly heat the cooker set the vent with the firebox door closed but the adjustable vent wide open until the cook chamber got close to 400, then I closed the vent down 50% and left everything alone until the heat went way down.
Pictures show how the baffle can be tilted with ease just by sliding the charcoal bin/grate left and right.
This test was done with the baffle as shown in the first baffle pic and with a water pan on the lower right cook grate.
Probe locations on the digital read out are top right probe is top right readout, top left readout is top left cook grate etc....
I could be wrong, but this "fix" seems to be as close as I've come to evening out the heat.

Here's what I saw.
Title thru me for a loop.That was a trippy movie to say the least!

On the smoking side glad to see you've got things working out right on your rig.
Slowly getting it dialed in......Keep this up and it will be as close to a "set and go" as you can get a stick burner!

Thanks for the good wishes!
I don't mind tending fires but I hate chasing too hot/too cold all over the place, over and over..
I also want to use the center of the lower cook grate without risking burning the meat.
So far, so good.
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