Just 2 pork chops nothing special.. plus the other wildfork score

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Jan 1, 2020
Sacramento, Calif.

I got a couple things from WildFork last week. This is my 3rd order from them and I have to say after some initial doubts about their pricing I am pretty happy.

I got sooooo tired of ordering loin chops and getting shi**y sirloin pork chops from Safeway. I ordered a 5 lb pack of Pork NY Thin Chops from WF for $12 which is about $5 a lb cheaper than safeway LOL. They came in the big family package and all of em are at least 2 to 2.5 inches thick. if that's their "thin" chops I would love to see their thick ones. I cooked two up when I got home this morning. Nothing special just some kinders buttery steak rub and a pan. I will serve them with some creamed corn and potatoes later tonight before my 12-hour gy shift. tasted good I mean their chops so /shrug they are what they are.

Here is the chops and the rest of the stuff I got. I can't wait to try the Skirt and all the sausages. i might do those on the grill.

chops top.jpg
wild forks.jpg
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Sounds good. I've never ordered from wf, but have been eyeballing the site lately looking for some pork belly
Prices are pretty good, reasonable portions, lots to choose from and super-fast shipping. I joined their membership deal so I could get free shipping for the year :<). I like em way better than omaha and their way cheaper than SRF.

As a side note I might use the pork steakhouse sausage in some baked beans I'll be doing soon.
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